Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We are gettin so close I can smell the salty air.

By this time next week - 11:51pm Tuesday the 16th (9:51pm PDT) I will be in Huntington Beach after a morning flight to CA. I will be staying with my buds at ATS and then driving to Oceanside in the morning to help start the soloists as a ride escort on Wed. How fun is that?

We are in the final steps of preparation...we are close...so close that I can picture myself on the start line with my team of crazies. Our steps to this point would not have been done without your help. So many have come together for our purpose - Camp Odayin. I cant even begin to list the people that have made this possible. You know who you are and if I start to list names it will go for a long time - just like the celebs that list off every person they know at the grammy's.

I will make a special note here to a few that have really pulled this thing together in ways that amaze me...the crew at SSF and Trailhead. They have helped in different ways but both are pivotal in our success....oh....did I almost forget the crew that will be working for cheap as they assist us over the entire 3012 miles? Yeah - they are my best friends!

June 20th is upon us much like the birth of a child - you cant stop it and it may hurt but it will get done. I'm sure there are better ways to picture this but you get the idea of course. The great thing about this is we are as ready as can be - crew, cars, training, endorphins, tactics, parts and tools and so on. Cheer us on and lift us up - this is all I ask.

Look for us out there on RAAM highlights and blog highlights - when you are sleeping...we will be biking!


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