Sunday, June 21, 2009

Brief Insiders View of Where We're At, So Far

Hey all,

Sitting in Flagstaff, AZ waiting for our Steve and my shift to start up in a bit and just wanted to drop a quick note out here about what we've been up to and how the experience has unfolded.

Thanks to Jay for keeping y'all updated on a more regular basis...

The ride to Flagstaff has been arduous. Mercifully, knock on wood, the temps have been decent and everyone is riding so strong and the crew has been near flawless in helping us do the pedaling across our great nation. There have been many ups and downs, physically and emotionally for all of us. It's a truism of RAAM that every time you saddle your bike for another pull, you just really don't know how you're going to feel. On pull you're strong, the next you want your mommy. Very tough to figure that out.

As you can see, we're doing very well in the standings and have been chipping away at the leaders. Standings aside, everyone on the Team has been awesome and we're completely engaged now in this effort, very well dialed in.

On a personal level, the route across the country on bicycle, 24 hours a day, is a very individual, emotional and physical experience. Each of us, crew and racers, is seeing a slightly different part of the race and hopefully we'll be bringing back experiences and insight that will last a lifetime. My climb earlier today up Yarnell Grade actually brought tears before, during and after hauling butt up its steeps. Last year Congress, AZ was a roadblock of sorts that really defined the rest of my solo effort, and so it was welled-up emotions that I attacked that climb, knowing that I had all of you behind me, giving me that extra push and extra breath when I needed it.

All of us are so very thankful to have supporters, crew and other racers marching us across America.

Andy and Brett are out there right now pedaling out to Flagstaff and Steve and I will take it from there. Can't really think of any place we'd rather be at the moment.

Keeping the rubber side down...



TioTony said...

Sweet! The girls and I are tracking your progress. Bridge the gap!

Anonymous said...

It's been really exciting watching you guys getting ready for the race and imagining your emotions you are going thru on the road. We appreciate the updates, I know it would be much easier just to relax when you get from your bike. Even if we are silent, we are with you guys! It just means "our mommy" didn't allow us to be online that long..... :D
Thanks "brave-hearts"! :)

AndiR said...

Go TSH, GO!!!! You do have lots of people cheering you on and lifting you up as we can. I SERIOUSLY want you to smack Laird Hamilton's tush as you go by him...because you will and I can't wait for it! WOO HOO! You guys are amazing!

Michelle Pearl said...

Yeah, I remember Congress pretty well myself... glad you got to reintroduce yourself to that climb.

Crew: Great Job! I know exactly what you are going through, and it's very hard work. Aside from the emotional and physical obstacles, I promise you, crossing that finish line is one of the most proud moments you will experience.

Stay Strong!

Fred said...

Tim, mom and I are following your teams progress and are pulling for you all the way to Annapolis. Trying to figure out how Pat and I can get a glimpse of you and the team and crew in Effingham, IL.
To TSH riders and crew keep up the good work and keep pushing one another to stay on track.
Very proud of my son(s) on Fathers Day

Gordon Shaw said...

Well done TSH, great blog Tim. I was pretty gobsmacked when you climbed that grade last year, (those aren't legs, those are pistons!). That was the point I knew we were going all the way to Annapolis. Keep up the tremendous pace and stay focused and positive. Gordon.