Saturday, June 13, 2009

Team Strong Heart Spotted!

I bought my kids some TSH tech-tee's....available at Trailhead Cycle....and on Pete's last day of school, their class went to Cheapskate...gotta love field trips! I got a few pics sent to me of Team Strong Heart supporters out in the public making aware of our mission.

My kids are so excited and sad to have me leaving for two weeks but at the same time they are excited to be able to say that dad is going across the country. They love the shirts and want to wear them all the time. Hint - Peter is 8 and he is wearing a small shirt so you can guess at the sizes that TH has in stock. I have an XL and it fits great but a large fits good too.

I was just kinda struck here looking at the pic as to how grown up Peter looks...where did the time go? And speaking of time flying...where did the last 8 months go? Tomorrow is a ride with the kids on the dirt, pick up the bianchi, get stuff together and just chill with the family - a movie, some biking, some popcorn and making a fort downstairs...a full day is ready to be had.

I was able to ride with Trailhead at the parade in Champlin today - the idea was to ride whatever you wanted from the shop...I picked a new...old school...tandem. I ended up stoking from the rear but steering up front - stretched out over the the looks for sure. I heard SO MANY people from the crowd yelling - GO TEAM STRONG HEART!!!! Lots of friends I knew waiting to get some candy and to give support... Thank you Champlin/ was fun and will be fun to represent Camp Odayin in less than a week on the road...yikes.

Start looking for pics/updates soon as we head to California on Tuesday!!!!!!


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