Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Update

last 80 mile pull. leaving PA to finish...should be done abouut 3 am
RAAM Tatoo - directions through WV.. (6/22)
RAAM- whe full grown men sleep like babes (6/26)
Tim Case (6/26)
Steve and Tim exchange (6/26)

Ed & Lara workin' the hills of WV
Friday 2:30AM, Andy, soaking wet, downpour, somewhere in Ohio... (6/26)

Update 11:30PM CDT: Team Strong Heart races through Hanover, PA and TS#50 at 11:04PM CDT. Less than 100 miles now remain until the finish. How often does 100 miles sound like so little?

Update 10:00PM CDT: Team Strong Heart is now in Pennsilvania and closing on TS#50 in Hanover, PA. Should be riding through Gettyburg, PA right now. Once they reach Hanover, TSH will have less than 100 miles to go! Current conditions: 68F, clear, calm.

Update 4:30PM CDT: TS#47 has been passed. TSH is now in Maryland. Current conditions: 87F, clear, winds W 12mph with a chance of more thurderstorms. Closing in on the finish line, less than 220mi to go! RAAM estimates are for a 3AM CDT finish.

Update 2PM CDT: Team Strong Heart will enter Maryland and pass through a couple time stations before moving in Pennsylvania. After Pennsylvania its back into Maryland for good and on to the Finish line at Annapolis!

Right now the team is in route to TS#47 at La Vale, Maryland. The miles are ticking down... about 250mi to go!

Update 12:30PM CDT: Team Strong Heart is now on their was to Gormania, WV after reaching TS#45 in Grafton, WV. Current conditions in Gormania: 72F, overcast, winds W 8mph. 2707 miles raced, 314 to go!

The Austria Triathlon Team has now moved past the OC Quattro Team as the next team back from TSH. The gap appears to be about 3 1/2hours.

Update 7AM CDT: TSH has reached West Virginia now after racing through storms overnight. Right now they are racing toward Smithburg, WV after passing through Ellenboro, WV and TS#44 at 6:50AM CDT this morning. Conditions in the area are a little more bearable now at: 69F, clear, dew point 65F, and light south winds.

Only nine time stations remain until Annapolis Maryland and the finish. RAAM projects have an estimated finishing time of around 2AM Saturday (6/27).


AndiR said...

WOW!!! You guys are almost there...basically a couple of century rides, eh? SO, SO, SO proud of you all. You guys are TOUGH! AND, of course, amazing job,crew!
We're shouting "GO TSH!!" here in Stillwater MN, hope you can hear us LOL. We'll raise a couple of cocktails to all of you as well...way to go!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I see you have picked up an extra crew member. I have been trying to call Lara on her temporary cell phone. Is she going all the way to Annapolis with you?

jorgehuevo said...

good job strong hearts


jorgehuevo said...

go, go, go, guys, you are almost there

, keep up the good work

Fred said...

Your almost there, keep pushing as hard as you can.
Nan is waiting for you.

Anonymous said...

Keep on keepin on guys, TSH Rocks!!
One damn fine team you have there, support and all the riders.
It won't be long now, you'll all be swimming in the Atlantic Ocean real soon, a well deserved dip....
Luck is with you, your feet have wings.
Mercury was the Greek God of swift travel and trade he was aligned with the God Hermes which mythogy states was the Messenger of the Gods. He is also the patron of boundaries and of the travelers who cross them.
So TSH has both Gods on their side....your feet have wings from Mercury and you are protected as you travel by Hermes.
With a pair like that, there is absolutely no stopping you all.
Following your progress daily, hope you are all well and reach your goal safe and sound and quickly!
Uncle Bill

Anonymous said...

Goodness; keep it up! You had me looking at airfares to Baltimore again this morning, and my wife slapped the credit card out of my hands.
Someone in the know explain the 50 minute credit sometime soon! I want the details!