Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pre-RAAM, Day Two, Race Across America 2009

The adventure continues, rather the pre-adventure continues. Today is/was day two of the pre-RAAM melee that will continue into Saturday and the eventual beginning of the Race.

This morning we met up with more of our crew, with Brett and his brood coming in from the Blythe time station. Last night those guys camped out at Time Station Three and watched the solo male leaders (see also: Jure Robic) come through. They apparently looked tough as nails, and they will need to be, only 230 miles into the 3100 mile race.

We spent a hideous amount of money on groceries at Costco today for our human flotilla (4 racers, 8.5 crew) and the crew has been hard at work laying the groundwork for 6 days of eating. I think we're all eaters with a severe bike riding problem... Along those lines we went out for an easy spin, got accosted by some teenagers (dang kids) and rode along the beach (love the salt and the sights).

Tonight we'll be eating the fruits of the crews hard cooking, chill out with a few brews and hopefully hit the sack for our big day tomorrow. In the morning we'll be out early for vehicle and bike inspections, team photos and every other detail that tends to rear its head pre-RAAM.

Thanks to everyone for your love and support. Stay tuned for an amazing show, put on by yours truly and EVERYONE on Team Strong Heart. This year will be something special, which is almost becoming the "standard" for the racers, crew and supporters of TSH.

Keep the rubber side down...



Madonna said...

When did David Zebriskie join the team?

andy said...

just today. we are going to let him lead out the prolouge and then we can pick up our share at TS=50.

JayT said...

definitely not surfer types.