Monday, December 31, 2007

New Sponsor! 2008 TSH's Tim Case Solo Effort

Welcome Michelle Pearl from Releaf Therapy! Michelle has signed on to Tim Case's Solo effort in the 2008 RAAM. She is taking time off from her solo practice to provide physical and massage therapy AND crew. That's a lot of work and we are so thankful to have someone of here expertise helping Tim reach a monumental goal.

Michelle is a licensed Physical Therapist and Massage Therapist at her solo practice, Releaf Therapy, located in Louisville, Colorado.

Her background as a licensed physical therapist and massage therapist has allowed her to develop a unique art in approaching the science of rehabilitation. Patient centered manual therapy is the philosophy of care. Michelle is a strong patient advocate, always there for them when needed. She performs very specific evaluations and treatment, with hands on manual therapy being the foundation. Very proactive in her field, she is continuously educating herself on the newest techniques to add to her toolbox. Michelle's goal is to empower her patients with the knowledge they need to heal and stay healthy.