Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tailwind and Talent

The 2009 edition of the Race Across America was an epic journey for Team Strong Heart. It was a journey that began many moons before the start last Saturday and it is a journey, that, for many of us, will continue far into the future., well beyond our championship run of this year.

To say that the Race Across America is “just” a bike race is like saying that Rome is just a city. The RAAM changes your life, changes the lives of those closest in your life and very much reaches into all aspects of life for crew, racers, staff and organizers. You’ve completed RAAM, what can’t you achieve?

In 2009, Team Strong Heart has set a new standard for organizing and executing the “world’s toughest bike race,” with honor, integrity and class. Plus, we were damned fast. Like one of our crewmen, Terry, told me after a late night shift on the road…”You guys have tailwind and talent.” What else is there really?

I can personally attest that Andy, Steve, Brett and myself, along with our crew, pushed ourselves to the ultimate limit during this years RAAM. It was awesome. Of course, once the race begins, most of the racers don’t really see very much of each other. I saw Steve every time we traded off a riding pull, but for the most part we spend time alone on the road and with our crew in one of the support vehicles. That being said, I knew with absolute certainty that each of the racers and crew were giving 100% all of the time, from the time we headed out to Oceanside to when the very last of us left Annapolis today. Steve and I knew that if we put in the effort, that effort would continue on into Andy and Brett’s shift on the bike. Having that knowledge adds a certain level of “comfort” to the race, knowing you aren’t working in vain.

There were so many stories to come out of this race and many of you will be fortunate enough to hear about just a few of them. The grandure of RAAM comes both from the sheer immensity of the race, the distances involved, the amount of climbing, etc., but it also comes from those individual and highly personal moments out on the bike, in the RV and out on the road. As k us and we’ll be happy to share, but absolutely nothing can replicate the real thing in real time.

There were ups and downs in emotions, fatigue and terrain, but we always came back to the mission and values that Team Strong Heart has strived for since its inception. We had some amazing and wonderful and terrible things happen out on the road, and we certainly couldn’t have predicted the crazy 12 hours in Missouri that changed the race for our team and our main competitors team. Some finished the race and others weren’t so lucky, but arriving in Annapolis came with both a sense of honor and a sense of respect for those who didn’t quite make it We are grateful for everyone on the road, finishers or no.

To encapsulate the race into a one or two page blog is a fools errand, to be sure. Instead, let me suggest that from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean there are roads that are high enough to cross the continental divide, low enough to be ridden below sea level, steep enough to reach out in front of your bike and touch them and also steep enough to tuck in so deep into your bike that your chin rests on your handlebars. We had tires delaminate, shoes melt into the pavement from the heat, wind whip across us on a 4000 foot descent, dogs jump out, cars and racers get lost or get well ahead of the rest of us, deer snap to attention on the side of the road, elk bugle at 10,000 feet at 0300 in the morning, and humidity that makes you permanently moist, from beginning to end.

But we return to the people who comprise Team Strong Heart. If I have anything to say about it, we will ALWAYS return to our supporters and our crew who bring us to the start line every year and draw us to the finish line in our deepest, darkest hours. Without your love and support, none of this would be possible.

Plans are already being made for the 2010 RAAM. Yep, I said it. We’ll be back for another go at it, one way or the other. I am going to form a four-man or person relay for next year,or maybe I‘ll go solo again. Who knows (wink)? We have to defend our title, right? We may have some new solo racers out there and there might even be a womens team forming in the future. Al of this is wonderful news, now let’s get back to work.

Come join us and see for yourself if what is said is so.

Camp Odayin is grateful for our efforts. I’m grateful to be associated with a world-class organization and promise to carry the Team Strong Heart torch into the future.

Yours in cycling, supporting the hope and promise of Camp Odayin and keeping the rubber side down.

Tim Case

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Team Strong Heart Wins 4-Man Race Across America!

Hi all,

Groggy from a too-short nap...early this morning Team Strong Heart crossed the finish line in Annapolis, MD in FIRST PLACE, with a new Team Strong Heart trans-continental record time of 6 Days, 10 Hours and 30 minutes!!!

Many thanks to our crew, staff and racers for another epic adventure in the Race Across America, truly the toughest sporting event in the world.

Stay tuned for a full race report, photos, updates and random thoughts on our championship effort...

Keep the rubber side down.

Tim Case

Ben Popp Solo Finish

Ben Popp - photo by RAAM

Just a quick post regarding RAAM soloist Minnesotan Ben Popp. Ben finished today (Sunday, 6/28) with an official time of 11d, 1hr, 12min. Congratulations to Ben Popp!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Update

Steve & Tim in route earlier - photo by RAAM
Andy & Brett in route earlier - photo by RAAM

Update 8Am CDT: Team Strong Heart has officially finished the 2009 Race Across America!

TSH crossed the finish line in Annapolis, Maryland early this morning at 3:46AM CDT. The team completed 3021 miles of racing with an official time of 6 days, 10hours, & 30 mins with an average speed of 19.56mph.

Congratulations to Team Strong Heart! We look forward to hearing from the team after a well deserved rest.

Update 1:07AM CDT: Team Strong Heart just passed through Mt. Airy, MD and time station #51. It looks like TSH will finish the 2009 RAAM right around 4AM CDT. 2967mi raced, 54mi to go!! Soon racers & crew can experience a real bed and a good nights (or day) sleep. These riders & crew have done it all on very little sleep, not more than 2 or 3 hours at a time for most. And that's for 6 plus days straight!

Update 12AM CDT: This is it! Team Strong Heart is closing in on Annapolis, Maryland and the conclusion of RAAM.

There are only three time stations left! TS#51 at Mt. Airy, MD, TS#52 at Odenton, MD, and TS#53 in Annapolis, MD. Current conditions in the area: 68F, scattered clouds, and calm.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Update

last 80 mile pull. leaving PA to finish...should be done abouut 3 am
RAAM Tatoo - directions through WV.. (6/22)
RAAM- whe full grown men sleep like babes (6/26)
Tim Case (6/26)
Steve and Tim exchange (6/26)

Ed & Lara workin' the hills of WV
Friday 2:30AM, Andy, soaking wet, downpour, somewhere in Ohio... (6/26)

Update 11:30PM CDT: Team Strong Heart races through Hanover, PA and TS#50 at 11:04PM CDT. Less than 100 miles now remain until the finish. How often does 100 miles sound like so little?

Update 10:00PM CDT: Team Strong Heart is now in Pennsilvania and closing on TS#50 in Hanover, PA. Should be riding through Gettyburg, PA right now. Once they reach Hanover, TSH will have less than 100 miles to go! Current conditions: 68F, clear, calm.

Update 4:30PM CDT: TS#47 has been passed. TSH is now in Maryland. Current conditions: 87F, clear, winds W 12mph with a chance of more thurderstorms. Closing in on the finish line, less than 220mi to go! RAAM estimates are for a 3AM CDT finish.

Update 2PM CDT: Team Strong Heart will enter Maryland and pass through a couple time stations before moving in Pennsylvania. After Pennsylvania its back into Maryland for good and on to the Finish line at Annapolis!

Right now the team is in route to TS#47 at La Vale, Maryland. The miles are ticking down... about 250mi to go!

Update 12:30PM CDT: Team Strong Heart is now on their was to Gormania, WV after reaching TS#45 in Grafton, WV. Current conditions in Gormania: 72F, overcast, winds W 8mph. 2707 miles raced, 314 to go!

The Austria Triathlon Team has now moved past the OC Quattro Team as the next team back from TSH. The gap appears to be about 3 1/2hours.

Update 7AM CDT: TSH has reached West Virginia now after racing through storms overnight. Right now they are racing toward Smithburg, WV after passing through Ellenboro, WV and TS#44 at 6:50AM CDT this morning. Conditions in the area are a little more bearable now at: 69F, clear, dew point 65F, and light south winds.

Only nine time stations remain until Annapolis Maryland and the finish. RAAM projects have an estimated finishing time of around 2AM Saturday (6/27).

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Update

Team Strong Heart clothes dryer, RV, and eatery (6/24)

Update 9:30PM CDT: Team Strong Heart has now passed through TS# 40 & 41 and are now in Ohio. Currently they are on there way to TS#42 in Chillicothe, OH. Current weather condition have now combined the heat & humidity they have been experiencing with heavy rain & thurderstorms. Currently it is 72F, dew point 69F, winds S 8mph. If they are experiencing storms I'm sure there is gusty winds too.

Update 4PM CDT: TSH reached TS#39 in Greensburg. IN at 2:48PM CDT. 2358mi raced, 662mi to go.

Update 11:06AM CDT: TSH passes through TS# 38, Bloomington, IN. Current conditions: 86F, clear, dew point 72F, wind wsw 6 mph. Team OC Quattro is now the next team behind TSH.

Update 7:59AM CDT: TSH has crossed into Indiana and passed through TS#37 in the city of Sullivan. Today will be a long day for Team Strong Heart. In the period 48 to 24 hours before the finish you are ready for the race to be over, the end is near, but yet seems far off. Once they hit the 24hrs to-go mark they will begin to taste the finish. The last day is long too but you are closing in on the finish line and the day passes quicker. But today, they have to put in another day: 2230 miles raced, 790 to go...

Update 7:30AM CDT: The last time station Team Strong Heart passed through was #36 in Effingham, IL. That was at 4:05AM CDT. Today the team will be racing its way into Ohio before nightfall comes. It will be another hot and humid day with temps in the 90's and dew points in the 70's. There is a good chance of thunderstorms along the way too.

It might be a little early to project a finishing time but at TSH's current pace RAAM estimates show them finishing right around midnight tomorrow night (Fri 6/26).

The finish of the solo competition will be one to watch. Current leader, 4x winner Jure Robic, and competitor Dani Wyss have been trading the lead for the last day or more. They are only about 200 miles from the finish and only minutes separate the two. RAAM estimates have them finishing around 9PM CDT tonight! Minnesotan Ben Popp is still in the mix and is projected to finish Sunday (6/28). Hats off to the soloists!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday Update

Team Strong Heart Reaches the Mississippi River (bridge in lights - 6/24)

Madonna is on the scene! (6/24)
Another morning still on the road in Kansas (6/24)

Update 10:37PM CDT: Team Strong Heart just reached TS#34 and passed over the Mississippi River! They will be racing through Illinois overnight. By morning we should find them in Indiana. Stand by for more racing action, the miles are ticking down now!

Update 10:30PM CDT: Sorry for the long gap in updates. I ended up being away from the computer for many hours and I locked out fill-in guy Neil by accident. Back to race action...

Team Strong Heart is now now approaching the Mississippi River and TS#34! Current conditions in St. Louis, MO: 85F with a 73F dew point and no wind, YUK! I think all the racers are sick of the sticky heat...

TSH is currently leading the field after several hours of neck-and-neck racing with Team Surfing USA. We have now learned that an unfortunate incident has taken Team Surfing USA out of the competition.

I am uncertain as to what actually happened and reports have been vague. I do know that nobody has suffered any life threatening injuries. It sounds like possibly a broken ankle was suffered by the Team Surfing USA rider involved.

I'm sure I share the same feeling as all of you RAAM fans and I'm very sorry to hear of this. The competition was good and it made for great action!

Update 11:34AM CDT: Wow! at the last time station (Camdenton, MO) that TSH passed through minites ago the gap between them and Team Surfing USA was 3 minutes. It is amazing that after 1853 miles and 91 hours of racing these two teams are so close. Stay tuned as the cat & mouse game continues. There is still a lot of racing left and anything could happen! Good luck to both teams!

Update 10AM CDT: Andy just checked in via cell phone. Spirits are high and things are going well. He reported that as they pulled into the last time station they encountered Team Surfing USA's complete vehicle support fueling up. IF all their vehicles are there, that means their riders are very close too. And wait... checking the leaderboard it appears Team Surfing USA pulled into the last time station only 4 minutes ahead of Team Strong Heart. That means TSH narrowed the gap by about 20 minutes over the last time station leg alone!!

Update 9:45AM CDT: TSH has reach Missouri and TS#30 at Weaubleau, MO. Madonna has now joined up with the TSH. She will be the sole female on the crew living out of an RV for the balance of the race with a bunch of stinky guys. Good luck to Madonna!

Current weather consditions: 85F, light winds from the SE, and a steamy dew point of 72F. There is also a chance of thunderstorms in the forecast.

Last year it was in Missouri were the 08 Team Strong Heart encounterd this scene.

Update 9AM CDT: The RAAM Solo Competition is worth a mention. The race for the lead is virtually a tie right now. Jure Robic who has been dominant the past few years is being seriously challenged by the German Dani Wyss. Robic has not had this kind of pressure over the last few years.

Minnesotan Ben Popp has also been very impressive as he continues to hold his spot on the leaderboard.

Check out the soloist leaderboard here.

Update 8AM CDT: Team Strong Heart is now approaching the Missouri state line. I'm sure like every other team they will be happy to put Kansas behind them. The gap between TSH and Team Surfing USA continues to shrink. At last check there were only 25 minutes between them as they pasted through TS#29 in Fort Scott, KS.

Andy check in via cell phone about 11:45PM last night. They were in El Dorado, KS and had just finished a shift. He was calling from a Walmart while shopping for re-supplies. He reported the teams are feeling the heat!

The states will start to zip by now as they move east. By days end today they should reach the Mississippi River. Today is the day that they also gain a fresh crew member. Madonna Lindgren joins the team at one of the first time stations in Missouri. She has a hotel room waiting with a real shower for when the team arrives. A few lucky team members will get to clean up!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Update

Photo by Brendon Purdy RAAM - Brett Descends
More Kansas (6/23)
Mid-Kansas (6/23)

Crew readies bike (6/23)
Kansas Sunrise (6/23)

Today marked the half way point as Tem Strong Heart passed through TS#25 in Pratt, Kansas (mile 1500!) at 5:50PM CDT this evening.

Update 10:30PM CDT: Checking in on Team Strong Heart finds them 27 minutes behind Team Surfing USA on the road but with their (TSUSA) 30 minute time penalty that gap is erased and it is more or less a dead heat! The race is on!

TSH is now between Maise, KS and El Dorado, KS and are heading for TS#27. Hot conditions were encountered this afternoon as TSH reports temperatures topping 100F! Current conditions in Maise, KS: 82F, clear, with a steamy 72F dew point! Temperatures will hover in the 70's overnight not offering a lot of relief from the heat. Tomorrow will be another hot day with highs well into the 90's with very humid conditions as the make they way into Missouri.

Update 2:30PM CDT: Just took a call from Andy as he and Brett just ended a shift. The weather is hot, Andy reports 98F!, and the racing is good. Andy and Brett have experienced one flat tire each otherwise it sounds like all equipment is functioning well. TSH has now been racing for over 1400 miles and 68 consecutive hours!

Update 1:30PM CDT: Team Strong Heart has taken the lead! Team Surfing USA has incurred a 30min time penalty which puts Team Strong Heart into the lead. TSH is currently between TS#23 in Plains, KS and TS#24 in Bucklin, KS. Current conditions in Bucklin, KS: 93F, clear, with wind S at 13mph. TSH is feeling a little humidity too with the dew point at 63F.

Update 7AM CDT: Checking in this morning there is a text message stamped 6:51AM from Andy saying they just passed the first (last place) soloist. TSH is now between TS#21 in Clayton, New Mexico and TS#22 at Elkhart, Kansas. To get to Elkhart they will leave New Mexico and ride across the pan handle of Oklahoma. Elkhart sits on the KS/OK border. Current conditions: 66F with calm winds. The temps will climb into the 90's on the route today.

Check the leaderboard sees that Team Strong Heart has trimmed the gap to the leaders (Team Surfing USA) to 37 minutes at the last time station!

Update 12AM CDT: The team has now passed through TS#19 in Cimarron, NM. I think it is Andy and Brett who are on the road now. They took the shift following Steve and Tim's arrival in Taos, NM. Kansas is on tap for tomorrow. TSH should see temps into the 90's with a slight chance of thunderstorms. Winds will continue to be from the south.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ben Popp RAAM Soloist Update

Minnesotan Ben Popp continues his RAAM journey as a soloist. Team Strong Heart has come to appreciate how hard this effort is after team member Tim Case's successful solo effort last year.

Ben continues to hold his position on the leaderboard as the DNF numbers climb. Out of 21 starters 9 have dropped out thus far. This only makes Tim's perseverance in finishing as a soloist for Team Strong Heart last year more apparent.

Talk about your tough row to hoe! Go Ben!

Monday Update

Steve on the road (6/22)
Veiws from RAAM High Point Manga Pass. Elevation 10,255 feet

Veiw from Pagosa Springs Colorado (6/22 @ 12:30PM CDT)

Driver & Navigator (6/22)
Andy 6/22 @ 8:40AM (CDT)
Gearing up for another shift. Sent by Andy (6/22 @ 6:49AM CDT)

Team Strong Heart has been at it for over 30 hours now, they are more than 680 miles into the race. Monday has the team seeing some beautiful country as they chase towards the east.

Click on each photo above for an expanded view!

Check the RAAM leader board stats here and a progress map here for the latest.

Update 11PM CDT: Team Strong Heart has now passed the 1000 mile mark and are still going strong! That's what a strong four person team can do in about 50 hours! TSH continues to rank high on the leader board, 2nd out of ten 4-male teams to be exact. The gap between the leaders (Team Surfing USA) and Team Strong Heart is currently less than an hour. That is a very small gap by RAAM standards.

TSH is now between TS#18 Taos, NM and TS#19 Cimarron, NM. Overnight they will see temps in the low 50's and it looks like the winds are calm. Tomorrow the team will experience a change in scenery as the leave the beauty of the west and enter in Kansas (bla!). The road will straighten out and flatten out as they cross the plains and continue east.

Update 8:30PM (CDT): Team Strong Heart has now gone over the highest elevation point of the RAAM Route. They passed through TS#17 at Antonio, CO at 5:35PM CDT and are now on their way to Taos, New Mexico and TS#18. The should arrive shortly. When they reach Taos, NM they will have been on the course for over 1000 miles!

Update 4PM (CDT): TSH reached TS#16 at Chuma, New Mexico at 3:08PM (CDT). They are now heading back into Colorado for a short time before the continue back into New Mexico. Current condition on the CO/NM border: 82F and clear with wind out of the SW are 16mph. Andy called just after he and Brett finished their last shift in Pagosa Springs, CO. He said things were going good and everyone was feeling pretty good. During Andy and Brett's next shift they will tackle La Manga Pass topping out at an elevation of 10,255. That is the high point of the RAAM route. Good luck guys!

Update 12:23PM (CDT): TSH has now reached TS#15 in Pagsa Springs, CO. With 885 miles of racing behind them they are about to leave Colorado and head into New Mexico. The weather continues to be very nice with temps in the 70's and 80's expected for the balance of the daylight hours. The sky is clear and the reported wind speeds are light and variable. TS#16 in Chama, New Mexico is the next destination.

Update 8:45AM (CDT): TSH passed through TS#14 in Durango Colorado at 8:45AM. Conditions in Durango at the time: 55F with calm winds. The next TS is in Pagosa Springs, CO were the team with do another shift change. Steve and Tim will be up next!

Update 7AM (CDT): Team Strong Heart passed through Utah over night and has now raced for over 770 miles! They are now between Cortez and Durango Colorado (TS# 13&14). Conditions in Durango this morning: 39F, clear with wind at 5mph from the NE. In a brief text message Andy reports he and Bret will be taking the shift from TS#13 in Cortez, CO to TS#15 in Pagosa Springs, CO. They should arrive at TS#15 sometime between 11AM and Noon (CDT). They should see temps near 70F as they reach Pagosa Springs.

Update 12:22AM (CDT): TS#11 at Mexican Hat Utah has been reached. The gap is only about 45 minutes off the lead! TSH will race their way through Utah in the dark. Conditions as they passed through Mexican Hat, UT: 74F with a SW wind at 12mph. That is about as nice as you can ask for!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Other RAAM News: Soloist Ben Popp

Fellow Minnesotan Ben Popp continues to do well in the RAAM Solo category. He has maintained his respectable spot on the leader board as the DNF list continues to climb.

You can follow Ben's progress here. Best of luck to Ben.

After hearing 09TSH member Tim Case's first hand stories of doing RAAM as a soloist (2008), I have an all new respect for the individuals who make this attempt. It is simply beyond comprehension!

Just four hounds for right now.

Photo by RAAM, Tim sometime on Sunday (6/21)

Andy waiting at TS6 in Prescott, AZ
We have been going back and forth with an 8 man team (Team Donate Life) all night. Lots of climbing now and no end in sight. Everyone is doing great. Spirits are high. We are in good position and know it is a long race. Would rather be the hound than the rabbit.
Posted for Brett by Lisa

Sunday Update

Blurry, sleppy RV life. Sent by Andy after riding into Flagstaff (6/21@6:46PM CDT)
Brett ready to ride near Jerome, AZ (6/21 @ 1:22PM CDT)
Andy heading for Sedona, AZ (6/21 @ 11:57AM CDT)

Team Strong Heart continues to move along. At last check 11AM (Central) the team had pasted through Time Station #5 in Congress Arizona. They are on their way to TS#6 in Prescott AZ. THS is maintaining their second place position among the 10 4-male teams.

The weather conditions are very moderate. The temperature in Congress AZ, known for being a HOT spot, is currently a very nice 82F with winds from the SE at about 10mph. Conditions in Prescott currently and as the team gains elevation on their way towards Flagstaff they will find temperature falling into the 50's.

Check RAAM leader board stats here and a progress map here

Update 10:29PM (CDT): TS#10 has been reached at Kayenta, AZ. The next TS is in Mexican Hat Utah. TSH will probably be doing a shift change soon. Tim and Steve will most likely be on duty through the night. Go Team Strong Heart!

Update 7:29PM (CDT): TSH has now raced for over 560 miles in a little over 24 hours. They have reached TS#9 in Tuba City, AZ and are currently holding their place high on the RAAM leader board. They continue to have a nice tailwind and and mild temps as they race their way toward the Utah border. The racers will see temps dip to around 50F overnight. The RAAM route will take Team Strong Heart through some of the most beautiful parts of the course over the next 24hrs.

Update 4:49PM (CDT): TSH has pasted through TS#8 in Flagstaff, AZ. Weather conditions in Flagstaff were very pleasant as they passed through. It was 73F with wind out of the SW at 20mph. That is a nice push from Mother Nature! In Flagstaff there was most likely a shift change and Steve and Tim should now be on the road. They are headed for Tuba City, AZ as they head into the evening.

Update 1:35PM (CDT): TSH has now passed through TS#7 in Cottonwood, AZ. TS#8 is located in Flagstaff, AZ. This next section is a very tough one as they tackle many climbs on their way to Flagstaff. Current conditions in Cottonwood: 84F with SSE winds at 16mph.

Update 11:29AM (CDT): TSH reaches TS#6 in Prescott, AZ. Now heading for TS#7 in Cottonwood, AZ. Estimated arrival time is about 1:30PM (CDT).

Look here for more updates later today!

Happy Fathers Day and go Team Strong Heart!

Brief Insiders View of Where We're At, So Far

Hey all,

Sitting in Flagstaff, AZ waiting for our Steve and my shift to start up in a bit and just wanted to drop a quick note out here about what we've been up to and how the experience has unfolded.

Thanks to Jay for keeping y'all updated on a more regular basis...

The ride to Flagstaff has been arduous. Mercifully, knock on wood, the temps have been decent and everyone is riding so strong and the crew has been near flawless in helping us do the pedaling across our great nation. There have been many ups and downs, physically and emotionally for all of us. It's a truism of RAAM that every time you saddle your bike for another pull, you just really don't know how you're going to feel. On pull you're strong, the next you want your mommy. Very tough to figure that out.

As you can see, we're doing very well in the standings and have been chipping away at the leaders. Standings aside, everyone on the Team has been awesome and we're completely engaged now in this effort, very well dialed in.

On a personal level, the route across the country on bicycle, 24 hours a day, is a very individual, emotional and physical experience. Each of us, crew and racers, is seeing a slightly different part of the race and hopefully we'll be bringing back experiences and insight that will last a lifetime. My climb earlier today up Yarnell Grade actually brought tears before, during and after hauling butt up its steeps. Last year Congress, AZ was a roadblock of sorts that really defined the rest of my solo effort, and so it was welled-up emotions that I attacked that climb, knowing that I had all of you behind me, giving me that extra push and extra breath when I needed it.

All of us are so very thankful to have supporters, crew and other racers marching us across America.

Andy and Brett are out there right now pedaling out to Flagstaff and Steve and I will take it from there. Can't really think of any place we'd rather be at the moment.

Keeping the rubber side down...


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Team Strong Heart is Roll'n!!

At the Starting Line

11PM Saturday (central): Just got a call from Andy with an update!

RAAM kicked off officaily at 2PM (4PM central) and Team Strong Heart has started strong! Andy reported in after he and Brett took the first shift. Tim and Steve are now on the road.

Andy reports a strong tailwind for the first leg and looking at average speeds they are sailing! Currently Team Strong Heart is in second place betweeen Time Station #2 Brawley, CA and #3 Blythe, CA.

Weather conditions in Blythe, CA at 9PM (PST): 91F and clear with a 14mph wind from the SW.

And they're off!

Tim and Steve just hanging out waiting for the race to start.

andy with laird hamilton...mr.extreme surfing god. he is rather famous..and so am i....from andy claflin

Waiting at the bridge to start the long journey, looking very relaxed and in good spirits. Let's see how wide the smile is in a couple of days.

Andy, Brett and the crew in one of the vans awaiting their turn to go for a spin.
Posted for Andy and Brett by Lisa