Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Huntington Beach - random updates

June 17th.... Huntington Beach

Well, I can post from my phone to my personal blog but not this site. I happen to be at work waiting for my bike to show up from Fedex...and its two days late. I guess I cant complain and such as we have a wonderful ATS family here to keep me fed, warm at night, entertained and the such - thank you Trever and Raquel (and kids!).

The crew from MN/CO (Steve, Tim, Ed, Tom, Chris and Ryan) headed from CO this morning about 5am loaded to the gills and expect to be in Oceanside tonight...what a trip they had! They are in good spirits and moving quick and we are all ready to rock n roll.

The sushi from last night is sitting well - it wasnt that bad at all...I was expecting MUCH worse but it slid down smooth while everyone was watching for something to happen...dont worry guys, it was good and THANK YOU!

Once the bike is here I will assemble and head to Oceanside and get my mind in the game. Not that crazy of updates yet but tonight will be more. I hope to have some pics going up of the RAAM start area once I am there. Enjoy the day - I should be online for a while until old blue shows up.


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