Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Update

Team Strong Heart clothes dryer, RV, and eatery (6/24)

Update 9:30PM CDT: Team Strong Heart has now passed through TS# 40 & 41 and are now in Ohio. Currently they are on there way to TS#42 in Chillicothe, OH. Current weather condition have now combined the heat & humidity they have been experiencing with heavy rain & thurderstorms. Currently it is 72F, dew point 69F, winds S 8mph. If they are experiencing storms I'm sure there is gusty winds too.

Update 4PM CDT: TSH reached TS#39 in Greensburg. IN at 2:48PM CDT. 2358mi raced, 662mi to go.

Update 11:06AM CDT: TSH passes through TS# 38, Bloomington, IN. Current conditions: 86F, clear, dew point 72F, wind wsw 6 mph. Team OC Quattro is now the next team behind TSH.

Update 7:59AM CDT: TSH has crossed into Indiana and passed through TS#37 in the city of Sullivan. Today will be a long day for Team Strong Heart. In the period 48 to 24 hours before the finish you are ready for the race to be over, the end is near, but yet seems far off. Once they hit the 24hrs to-go mark they will begin to taste the finish. The last day is long too but you are closing in on the finish line and the day passes quicker. But today, they have to put in another day: 2230 miles raced, 790 to go...

Update 7:30AM CDT: The last time station Team Strong Heart passed through was #36 in Effingham, IL. That was at 4:05AM CDT. Today the team will be racing its way into Ohio before nightfall comes. It will be another hot and humid day with temps in the 90's and dew points in the 70's. There is a good chance of thunderstorms along the way too.

It might be a little early to project a finishing time but at TSH's current pace RAAM estimates show them finishing right around midnight tomorrow night (Fri 6/26).

The finish of the solo competition will be one to watch. Current leader, 4x winner Jure Robic, and competitor Dani Wyss have been trading the lead for the last day or more. They are only about 200 miles from the finish and only minutes separate the two. RAAM estimates have them finishing around 9PM CDT tonight! Minnesotan Ben Popp is still in the mix and is projected to finish Sunday (6/28). Hats off to the soloists!


AndiR said...

Wow, you guys...I'm so proud and amazed by each of you! Look within and see that you've truly got more fire there that will light up the road. Know that there are many of us who will be at the finish line in spirit, cheering you in to win!

Team Strong Heart/Amy Xu said...

We (including kids from Camp Odayin) are so proud of you, TSH!!! The crossing USA map in my office is moving east state by state quickly. Hang in there and soon you'll smell the Atlantic Ocean. You are STRONG!!!

Unknown said...

Every day I wake up, you guys conquer as much of a distance in the same amount of time as it would take me to fly on standby.


Dad Case said...

Can you give us a clue why Team Surfing USA is a DNF? That's great news for TSH but don't let your guard down. Some other team has you in their sights.

Anonymous said...

I must say it is a huge accomplishment to have covered so many miles at such a consistent pace. It will soon be over and you can give your tired muscles a rest. My heart goes out to the four of you and the Camp Odayin children. I'm with you in spirit as you cross the finish line as are all the Camp Odayin children.

Anonymous said...

Puzzled about the DNF for the surfers, also curious about the penalty they incurred.
Go like Hell TSH, you are almost there troops, it's just around the corner, by tomorrow midnight you can enjoy the rewards of finishing first!!!!
The last day is the toughest but we all know you can pull ahead and make the finish first....hang in there, work hard, may your feet have wings men, we're pulling for you all the way.
May the winged Gods bear you speedily to the finish on the fresh air of freedom and speed!
Sending all the positive energy I can draw on your way, see you at the finish!!
Uncle Bill

jorgehuevo said...

keep it up guys is looking good


Anonymous said...

Way to go Team Strong Heart! We are rooting for you all the way.

Larry, Pam and everyone at