Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Update

Blurry, sleppy RV life. Sent by Andy after riding into Flagstaff (6/21@6:46PM CDT)
Brett ready to ride near Jerome, AZ (6/21 @ 1:22PM CDT)
Andy heading for Sedona, AZ (6/21 @ 11:57AM CDT)

Team Strong Heart continues to move along. At last check 11AM (Central) the team had pasted through Time Station #5 in Congress Arizona. They are on their way to TS#6 in Prescott AZ. THS is maintaining their second place position among the 10 4-male teams.

The weather conditions are very moderate. The temperature in Congress AZ, known for being a HOT spot, is currently a very nice 82F with winds from the SE at about 10mph. Conditions in Prescott currently and as the team gains elevation on their way towards Flagstaff they will find temperature falling into the 50's.

Check RAAM leader board stats here and a progress map here

Update 10:29PM (CDT): TS#10 has been reached at Kayenta, AZ. The next TS is in Mexican Hat Utah. TSH will probably be doing a shift change soon. Tim and Steve will most likely be on duty through the night. Go Team Strong Heart!

Update 7:29PM (CDT): TSH has now raced for over 560 miles in a little over 24 hours. They have reached TS#9 in Tuba City, AZ and are currently holding their place high on the RAAM leader board. They continue to have a nice tailwind and and mild temps as they race their way toward the Utah border. The racers will see temps dip to around 50F overnight. The RAAM route will take Team Strong Heart through some of the most beautiful parts of the course over the next 24hrs.

Update 4:49PM (CDT): TSH has pasted through TS#8 in Flagstaff, AZ. Weather conditions in Flagstaff were very pleasant as they passed through. It was 73F with wind out of the SW at 20mph. That is a nice push from Mother Nature! In Flagstaff there was most likely a shift change and Steve and Tim should now be on the road. They are headed for Tuba City, AZ as they head into the evening.

Update 1:35PM (CDT): TSH has now passed through TS#7 in Cottonwood, AZ. TS#8 is located in Flagstaff, AZ. This next section is a very tough one as they tackle many climbs on their way to Flagstaff. Current conditions in Cottonwood: 84F with SSE winds at 16mph.

Update 11:29AM (CDT): TSH reaches TS#6 in Prescott, AZ. Now heading for TS#7 in Cottonwood, AZ. Estimated arrival time is about 1:30PM (CDT).

Look here for more updates later today!

Happy Fathers Day and go Team Strong Heart!

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nerdman said...

Happy Father's Day! I remember talking to my kids from Ohio on Father's Day. Good job you guys! Keep it up!