Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ben Popp - RAAM Soloist from MN

Ben Popp is a 2009 RAAM soloist from Minnesota. The soloists start a few days ahead of the team competitors and they are currently on the course.

Checking the RAAM leader board at noon today (Thursday) finds Ben doing very well currently positioned in 8th in a field of 21 solo starters. Good luck to Ben Popp!


Anonymous said...

Wish the four of you the best.

"He who peddles in circles will make it. He who peddles up and down is sure to lose."

Tell the old man, Tom Claflin, I'm rooting for him too. Tom knows who I am.

George Arimond,
U. of Wis. La Crosse

andy claflin said...

roger...will do... dad is the bedrock of the group and one hell of a cook! pops has his head in the game and we are lucky he is here...i love family!