Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Update

Steve & Tim in route earlier - photo by RAAM
Andy & Brett in route earlier - photo by RAAM

Update 8Am CDT: Team Strong Heart has officially finished the 2009 Race Across America!

TSH crossed the finish line in Annapolis, Maryland early this morning at 3:46AM CDT. The team completed 3021 miles of racing with an official time of 6 days, 10hours, & 30 mins with an average speed of 19.56mph.

Congratulations to Team Strong Heart! We look forward to hearing from the team after a well deserved rest.

Update 1:07AM CDT: Team Strong Heart just passed through Mt. Airy, MD and time station #51. It looks like TSH will finish the 2009 RAAM right around 4AM CDT. 2967mi raced, 54mi to go!! Soon racers & crew can experience a real bed and a good nights (or day) sleep. These riders & crew have done it all on very little sleep, not more than 2 or 3 hours at a time for most. And that's for 6 plus days straight!

Update 12AM CDT: This is it! Team Strong Heart is closing in on Annapolis, Maryland and the conclusion of RAAM.

There are only three time stations left! TS#51 at Mt. Airy, MD, TS#52 at Odenton, MD, and TS#53 in Annapolis, MD. Current conditions in the area: 68F, scattered clouds, and calm.


AndiR said...

CONGRATULATIONS TSH! What a great proud of each of you. You are all amazing!!! Woo hoo!!!!

Jonathan said...

Way to go team! You beat RAAM's predictions and only got stronger at the finish. I wish we could have been there in Hancock to see you go through, but were held up in Scranton, PA in construction.

gordon said...

Well Done Team!!! That was completely insane. I can't believe your average speed. You should all be so proud of yourselves and each other. You didn't just rise to the challenge, you cleared it by a royal mile. You've also just made a few lucky kids very happy at Camp Odayin. Wish I could be there to congratulate you all in person.

All the best,