Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 17, 2010 - Amy Xu - Team Strong Heart RAAM Update

3:00PM-CDT: After waking, Amy meet with her crew,. The data was laid out as to what they needed to accomplish in order to finish in Annapolis, Maryland before the final time cut-off.  With very little time margin and a very large workload ahead, Amy decided that she WAS going to continue to race.  At approximately 3:00pm she was once again on the road!  Very quickly the reality of the previous 8+ days of effort hit Amy.  Fatigue and complications from her previous efforts were just too much to continue riding safely.  Just as quickly as Amy was on the bike, she was off again and her decision to continue was reversed.  

I have since talked to Amy on the phone.  Her spirits were very good, she feels good about her decision to stop.  She wanted to express her appreciation to her crew, Team Strong Heart, the kids of Camp Odayin (and the kids of Mr. Beckman's class!) and all of the supporters and sponsors.  Thank You from Amy, and thank you from Team Strong Heart for following along!         

12:00PM-CDT: Amy and the Team Strong Heart crew have learned that they have NOT been DNF'd by RAAM and will be allowed to continue.  However, she and her crew have worked very hard to make it to the Mississippi and everyone is very fatigued.  She is currently sleeping and when she wakes the choice to go on or not is all hers.  Stay tuned!    

7:47AM-CDT: Amy has arrived at TS#34 at the Mississippi River in Missouri.  72F, thunderstorm, east wind at 6mph, dew point 70F.  2041 miles raced in 8 days, 17 hours, 47 minutes.  INCREDIBLE! 

Amy Xu - Still managing a smile! RAAM 2010

Amy Xu - Team Strong Heart within a few miles of the Mississippi.  RAAM 2010

7:35AM-CDT: Report from Amy's crew - Within minutes Amy will be reaching the Mississippi and TS#35.  She is currently riding in pouring rain and 71F.  She has ridden through the night and is absolutely out of gas.  She has pushed hard to reach the Mississippi because, although she exhausted, stopping any sooner would have meant the race was over for certain.

When they reach the Mississippi they will put Amy down for a sleep break.  The crew has already put in an appeal for an extension for Amy to continue.  RAAM reviews these appeals on a case-by-case basis.  While Amy sleeps the crew will wait for a decision from RAAM officials.  If it's thumbs-up they will wake her after a long sleep break and let her know she is still racing.  If the appeal is not approved, they will let Amy sleep and Team Strong Heart's 2010 RAAM Solo Race will be over.  Stayed tuned...    

6:45AM-CDT: Still no word on TS#35 at the Mississippi.  TSH will fall short of the predetermined time cut-off but it's going to be very close.  Hopes are that by coming in so close to the cut-off that RAAM might grant an extension and allow Amy & Team Strong Heart to continue.  Stand by to see what happens!

12:55AM-CDT: Amy passes through TS#34 in Washington, MO.  72F, calm, dew point 68F.  Pressing on to the Mississippi!


packfiller said...

Ride on Amy!


Diamond Dave said...

Not matter what happens you are a WINNER Amy. An absolutely unbelievable accomplishment.
We are all very proud of you.

JayT said...

2040 miles raced! That is simply INCREDIBLE.

Hemi said...

NO matter what...

Anonymous said...

Great job Amy! What an amazing pull.


mgerber said...

Amy Awesome Job !! No matter what happens you will always be a winner in my book. Have a good sleep. Love you Mary Gerber

Anonymous said...

Awesome effort to hammer in to the Mississippi.
I hope they let her go. Amy is riding for a great cause and has the heart of 10 people. Certainly she exemplifies the spirit of RAAM. She is an inspiration to many.

Either way, I am humbled by her selfless performance and dedication.

Keep us posted - we're behind you either way, Amy!!

John - Champlin

Unknown said...

never had a doubt, Nice work AMY!!

Tim LaCroix said...

Amy, what an amazing accomplishment. I hope they allow you to continue. Either way your achievement is something to be extremely proud of. Your efforts have humbled and inspired all of us and your cause is well represented!

Unknown said...

Amy,You are my hero, my inspiration, you are awesome to do what you have accomplished. Good luck with the appeal but no matter the result you are the best in my book!


nerdman said...

No matter what! We were talking about you on the ride this morning and we cannot get over what you have done. We are thinking of you constantly and are so proud of you. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Simply put... AMAZING! Way to go Amy, you have me at a loss for words. Can't wait to see you!


Meegan Zane

JeanYJacobsen said...

Great job Amy & crew!! We are proud of all you have accomplished.
I am praying you will be able to continue.
Jean J.

Anonymous said...

I am proud of your accomplishment Amy & crew!! I pray you will be able to continue the race.
Jean J

Anonymous said... are racing more miles in a few days than most people ride in two years...and you're smiling. gotta love the beauty of RAAM and the people who rise to the call. PROUD OF YOU AMY!!!!!!

andy claflin

CA said...

Awesome job, Amy! Please ride on - whether officially or not. You've accomplished so much. I do think RAAM should give you the extra time, though - the ladies have had wicked weather conditions this year.

Anonymous said...

Amy, you really are incredible!! Congrats on reaching the Mississippi. And now you are on the home stretch. I know you can do it!! Just keep eating and drinking and sleeping when you can. I am so anxious to see you after you complete this adventure.
Jim and I are so proud of you.
Keep it going!!
Mary Ann Studanski

Anonymous said...

Amy, Every day when I read the blog, you make a difference in my life. You are incredible! You are awesome! You are an inspiration! Sleep may continue riding or you may not. The important thing is that you have done what only a few would even contemplate. You are a hero to so many....especially to the children at the camp. Thanks so much, Amy.

Louisville, CO

mgerber said...

Amy.. Heard about the good news.. But it is all up to you. What ever you decide, you will always be the greatest bike rider in my book. Love you and stay safe.

Mary Gerber

nerdman said...

Amy you are and always be a champion to us! What an amazing adventure. Be sure to be safe and know that we are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Unknown said...


Thank you for allowing me to play a small part in your enormous accomplishment.

Enjoy the air conditioning on the rest of your ride to Annapolis.

Jackie Torborg

Unknown said...

What a HUGE accomplishment - it is absolutley amazing what you have done. I am so proud to know you and have worked with you. Whatever you decide to do, you are a winner in my book.

Sue Nienaber

Anonymous said...


Failure is not falling down. Failure is not getting back up. I'm sure you'll attempt and conquer many more challenges with the spirit and heart you have.

Ride Long and Prosper

slo joe recumbo

JayT said...

Amy, it has been a pleasure covering your race here on the blog. I'm tired just from that!

You are the best!

Anonymous said...

This is an absolute victory. Way to go!!!


Anonymous said...

You are amazing.

Jen C.

Mr. C said...

Well done Amy! We are proud of you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hats off to you Amy! Get some rest, you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you Amy, rest my friend, rest. You deserve it. See you soon, you can look forward to big hug.


JeanYJacobsen said...

Amy and Crew:
Enjoy the rest of the trip to Annapolis. You all deserve it.
I am very proud of what all of you have accomplished against all the adverse weather that was dealt you across America.
Jean Jacobsen

Unknown said...

Amy & Crew,

You make a very wise decision!

See you soon in Annapolis

Carol R said...

It has been exciting to follow the blog to hear and see the progress on your journey. What an accomplishment to make it to the Mississippi and still able to maintain a smile! You are wonderful! Hope you are getting a well deserved rest and enjoying a solid meal with your crew! Take time to care for yourself and have a safe return home. Great job to the crew for taking care of Amy!!

Tom White said...

We're all proud of you, Amy!

Anonymous said...

Dear Amy ...

You are amazing. This is an incredible accomplishment. Your life story will ripple through the world and continue to touch people, for many years. By being you - getting out there and giving and living and risking more for others' benefit without compensation and at great personal cost than anyone I know. Wow. Big wow. Big congratulations! And great prayers for a strong recovery so you can tell the story over and over with a smile and a big healthy heart! You have done more than enough. You deserve relaxation and peace and gratitude. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Sleep soundly, Amy and Team StrongHeart. You are all absolutely amazing.

Louisville, CO

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello Amy,
Many of us will be doing 200 miles on flat tomorrow and most of us worry! You done over 2000+ miles and hilly court too and more miles in each day then us ... U are amzing! U are the winner! I am really proud to know you and looking forward to see U again back in MN.
TSH crew!
You are great and thanks for keep us post min by min ... so we can feel like Amy is in front of us! We can cheer her and she can hear us through PA system ... PLEASE ENJOY THE REST OF YOUR TRIP! See U all soon!

Unknown said...

TIme to EAT, DRINK, SLEEP and be MERRY! You and the team deserve a thousand hugs for all your effort. You are our HEROS!! THANK YOU for the RIDE of a LIFETIME!! Amy, knowing you, you are probably already dreaming about your next great adventure!!!
TAKE CARE. We love you lots!!
Melody and Cheryl

nerdman said...

check this out!

thanks for the coverage Jay!