Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Amy Xu - Team Strong Heart Underway at RAAM!

At 2PM (CST) Team Strong Heart's Amy Xu started in the 2010 RAAM Solo Women's Division.  Along the 3005 mile non-stop race course are 55 time stations.  Between reports from her TSH crew and tracking the results on the RAAM website we will update her current status and progress here at teamstrongheart.com with as real-time information as possible.  Check back often!

2010 RAAM Solo Women & Men 60+ Start

On behave of Amy and Team Strong Heart, I would like to thank all of you for supporting Amy and Team Strong Heart's mission for Camp Odayin.

Next up for Amy is Time Station #1 at Lake Henshaw, California.  The distance to Lake Henshaw is about 54 miles with an elevation gain in excess of 2750 feet.  The RAAM course gets serious right away!

The temperature at race time in Oceanside was 68F with SW winds at 6mph.


Dave said...

Go Amy!

nerdman said...

Go Amy!!!

Anonymous said...

Lot's of love Amy! YOU ROCK!!!