Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 13, 2010 - Amy Xu - Team Strong Heart RAAM Update

7:00PM-CDT: Photo update.. this just in. Thanks to crew member Sally!

50 miles to Kim, fighting against strong wind.  Amy Xu/RAAM 2010

4:30PM-CDT: Here's a profile of the next leg TS#20 to TS#21 in Kim, CO 71 miles away (click to enlarge).

4:00PM-CDT: Amy has reached TS#20 in Trinidad, CO.  Reports are the last big climb she tackled was very difficult.  Amy's crew wanted all of you to know what helped Amy manage the climb.  Using a megaphone they read out loud ALL of the comments from this blog and the text messages that have been coming in.  That is what sparked Amy to keep going!!  So please, keep the well wishes and comments coming!  Amy is hearing them all.  And Thank You!

Conditions in Trinidad when Amy pulled in were 69F with partly cloudy skies and variable winds at 7mph.  The goal for the balance of the day is to reach Kansas.  But first there's still 150miles of Colorado left!

Amy climbing outside Trinidad, CO RAAM 2010     

12:00-CDT: A special THANK YOU! goes out to TSH sponsor Trailhead Cycling, in Champlin, MN.  After discovering that really only one of Amy's saddles was comfortable during ultra-long efforts her crew made a call to Trailhead.  Pam & Larry (TH owner's) promptly located the type of saddle Amy needed and shipped it overnight.  Amy's crew will pick up the saddle's when they arrive at the next Time Station in Trinidad, CO.
TSH says THANK YOU Trailhead Cycling for your support!!

8:30AM-CDT: Amy is back on the road! Here is a photo update that just arrived.

Amy departing for TS#20 in Trinidad, CO 6-13-10 RAAM 2010

Amy bound for Trinidad, CO. Cloudy skies and wet roads ahead RAAM 2010

4:03AM-CDT: Amy has now reached TS#19 in La Veta, CO.  It was 54F with some rain and winds out of the NNW at 10mph.  Amy was scheduled for a sleep break in La Veta before contiuing on to TS#20 in Trinidad, CO.


Unknown said...

Keep going Amy, We prayed for you at church today so many more people are pulling for you!


JayT said...

Amy, what you have do so far is amazing. We are all very proud of you!

Jay Thompson & Family

Anonymous said...

Amy, i have been enjoying watching your progress riding across the country. Your charity supporting children with heart diseases to go to camp is a noble one to support. Just remember that each pedal stroke you make will help more kids attend these camps. Keep in mind that these kids are coming from families that don't have the extra finances to spend on summer camps and are tired after years of caring for a sick child. So pedal on with light legs, your supporters are pushing you on!

Diamond Dave said...

Way to go ROCK STAR!!
It must be lonely riding, but at least you don't have to listen to Neil's singing !!!
Keep it going !!! We are all cheering for you!!

Anonymous said...


I am texting Michelle but now will add my comments here so that the crew can send them to you via megaphone. No words can express how AWESOME you are. What you are doing is MAKING A HUGE DIFFERENCE. You are NOT alone as you peddle on as there are hundreds of us reading the blog, following the downstrokes, wishing you well and sending you the energy for you to continue you. YOU GO GIRL. I am so in awe. Stephanie Moore

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great pedaling Amy, all of us up at the lake are following your progress and "Cheers" go to you as you continue this awesome journey. You are an inspiration!!! Keep on pedaling.

Debbie Holzem and your friends on
Big Elbow Lake

John Hartland said...

Great job Amy - keep it up. Our whole family is reading about your progress every day.
Keep going!


nerdman said...

You are unbelivable Amy! I have been punching the numbers and I simply can not believe what you have done! Keep going Amy, you are an inspiration!

Unknown said...

Amy Xu, we heart you!
Riding your bike is what you do!
Headin east as the wind blew,
Keep going hard but enjoy the view,
You can do it we all knew,
Cuz you've got a strong heart and the best crew!

The Beckman's

Unknown said...

Amy Xu, we heart you!
Riding your bike is what you do!
Headin east as the wind blew,
Keep going hard but enjoy the view,
You can do it we all knew,
Cuz you've got a strong heart and the best crew!

The Beckman's

Unknown said...

Go Amy Go!!

Team Strong Heart is awesome!

The kids at Camp Odayin are lucky to have such an amazing woman as a role model.

Jackie Torborg

Anonymous said...

Anything to help you keep on going!

I wish you the best of endurance luck!


Anonymous said...

Amy, your amazing! Your doing fantastic! Keep the pedals rotating.

Steve D

carol neisen said...

WAY TO GO AMY! What a trip you are on! Hoping that new saddle helps you out. Knowing you'll soon be out of those tough CO miles. Stay Safe and KEEP PUSHING (REO Speedwagon, Dick Roman could sing for you!) THoughts and prayers, Carol

Madonna said...

Way to go AMY! Keep it up!! You have the drive to make to Annapolis! I know it's hard to be out there a lone but there are so many people watching your progress and are AMAZED at your determination and STRONG spirit. Keep the pedals moving!

To the crew - You guys are doing a terrific job keeping Amy moving. It's the hardest yet rewarding job. Keep it up!

Janet said...

Our little horse,

Keep going!


Do not hurt yourself~~

I know you can make it! Nothing can prevent you from achieving your goals.

AMY, I have faith on you!

To crew members,

Very proud of you! Hope to meet all of you in MD.

To Sally,

Give me a call if you need me. Anytime!


Stephanie said...

What you've accomplished so far is amazing! I'm also from MN & began following this blog when RAAM started. I wish you the very best as you continue on. Best wishes for a safe journey as your amazing trek across the country continues!

B Train said...

You are amazing Amy! Keep 'em spinning and rubber side down!

Biker Chick said...

You're an inspiration Amy!!! When I was thinking how sore my legs were at the triathlon I did Sunday, after doing a time trial Saturday, all I could think was "I have nothing on Iron Girl!!" So I kept going & didn't complain. You can do the same--but I think you could complain a little if you needed :) Keep it up!! Andrea

Mr. C said...
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Mr. C said...

Way to go Amy! My little Sam says thank you and stay strong!

Brian Christopherson