Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 16, 2010 - Amy Xu/Team Strong Heart RAAM Update

4:55PM-CDT: Amy has now reached TS#33 in Jefferson City.  It's still hot & humid at 87F with a dew point of 62F.  Winds are east at 7mph.  Things have improved a bit since earlier.  Amy's crew is has been icing her down and getting her feed.  Her neck is now very sore and they are treating that as best they can.  Everyone is still feeling optimistic about making it through the time cut-off at the Mississippi.  Nobody is ready to quit!

Now for a flashback.  This is from 2008, the last time Amy was at this spot on the course!

Amy, Tougher than HAIL! RAAM 2008

1:45PM-CDT: Crew update - Amy is still on her bike but it sounds like the many days of riding combined with hot, humid weather, nasty traffic, and the mounting time cut-off pressure is making it a very tough day for Amy and the Team Strong Heart Crew.  They are currently under as much pressure as they have faced so far.  The coming hours will tell if the time cut-off is achievable or not.  Hang in there Amy!

12:12PM-CDT: Amy has reached TS#32 in Camdenton, MO.  82F, scattered clouds, 68F dew point, south winds at 5mph.  Next is the Missouri state capitol Jefferson City TS#33.

6:54AM-CDT: Just saw a comment on FB from one of Amy's crew. "Leaving Weaubleau, Missouri and we are getting Amy to the Mississippi by 5am tomorrow!!"  The Mississippi is the next time cut-off for the women soloists.  Amy has to be there no later than 5AM-EDT (4AM-CDT).  She's got 253 miles to go, it's going to be a challenging day!

4:30AM-CDT: Amy has gone through to TS#31 in Weaubleau, MO.  She had a huge day yesterday (and into today) riding over 300 miles!  Reports are she did 25 1/2 hours on the bike.  At 4:30am in Weaubleau it was 68F with a 68F dew point, so it was still 100% humidity.  Wind was calm.


JeanYJacobsen said...

Great going Amy and crew!!! Will be thinking of you all day. " When the going gets TOUGH the Tough get going" . Mississippi River here we come.
Jean Jacobsen

Anonymous said...

Hello Amy,
This is Quang and we [you know most: Jorge H, Tim S, Thanh] just did our MS150 here this pass weekend ... We rode 300 miles in 3 days and Friday we rode up Duluth over 8 hrs in the rain ... and though of U how the hex U stay on bike almost 300 miles each day? My body is sore now ... HOPE U Make it to the next point with spare time ... WE WANT TO SEE/HEAR from you @ the finish line! So RIDE HARD AMY!
from Quang Vo

Diamond Dave said...

Go AMY!!!!
You can do it!!!!!
Keep spinning!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep rolling strong to the Mississippi. You are on an incredible mission! We are following your progress at our house. Get to the Mississippi!
You can do it, we all know you can!
Michael Todey

packfiller said...

Keep it up Amy! Full 10 course dinner for you when you come home!

Unknown said...

Go Amy. You are an inspiration. We have been following along both at work and at home. Keep up the good work.

Peggy said...

Amy, I am sending you strength, energy and great vibes! You are an amazing athlete and a total inspiration-You go girl!!!!!
Peggy Galvin

Unknown said...

Gooooo Amy! Keep on cruising! You are rockin the RAAM! You are as Mighty as the Mississippi! You are an inspiration!


Unknown said...

Go Amy go... you and your crew can do it....Lark

Mr. C said...

Sam and I know you can do it! Go! GO! GO!

Brian Christopherson

Anonymous said...

Amy, you go girl! You continue to amaze and inspire.
Carol Cummins

Anonymous said...

over half way! outstanding! Keep Strong. you go girl!
Larry, Pam and Jacob

Burks in Maine said...

Amy, It is such an amazing thing that you are doing. Keep pedaling, make it to the Mississippi! We are thinking about you here in Maine and will be thinking about you until the end - YOU CAN DO IT!!!

mgerber said...

Amy.. I know how strong willed you are so just do your best and be safe. Mary

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work Amy! We don't know each other, but I hear about you in Monday spin class at LTF!

You are so tough and so incredibly strong and I know you can make it to the next time cut off with hours to spare!

Jen C

John said...

Go Amy! You are so strong! We are all so proud of you!

Unknown said...

Go Amy! You can make it! You are so strong and amazing!

Sue Nienaber

nerdman said...

Cross that River Amy! Once over it you have the finish ahead. Keep it up and believe!! Great job!!

Unknown said...


That last stretch was awesome. Keep fighting!!!

A huge shout out to the crew -- I miss you guys!


CA said...

Hang in there Amy!! You're such an inspiration - thank you for being out there and riding this race!! You're amazing. Now, pedal, pedal, pedal!!!

Unknown said...


Great job!!!!
Keep going and be safe.
We are very proud of you.

Zan and Janet

Anonymous said...

Go Amy Go! You are an inspiration to all of us. We are all thinking of you and sending you our best wishes.

Meegan, Christian, Lukas, and Andy Zane

Anonymous said...

Thank you Team Strong Heart for taking such good care of Amy! Your love and caring is not forgotten!

The Zane Family

Anonymous said...

May all this love and support be the wind wind beneath your wings that you now need to make the time cut off. Go Amy Go, YOU CAN DO IT!

The Zane Family

Unknown said...

Amy will still have chance if she is close enough to cutoff times, according to RAAM rules.

Ref: RAMM rules (p10)

Time Extensions

If a Racer does not reach the indicated Time Station within the allowed time noted above, the
Racer will be disqualified from the race. In the event a Racer is very close to cutoff times, the
Race Management, in conjunction with Race Officials, may grant an extension of time taking
into account all race circumstances.

Anonymous said...

We are all proud of you Amy! You are an inspiration to us all. Do your best and keep smiling. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
Mark Connell and Family

Anonymous said...

You ROCK - put the hammer down and blast your way to the Mississippi - you can do it!

Unknown said...

Go Amy go! We are pulling for you! Stay strong keep on a spinnin' !

Bill and Leeni

Anonymous said...

You can do this Amy keep on peddling that rivers going to be the best thing you have seen yet. You are constantly in our thoughts we are very proud of how well you are doing.


Anonymous said...

Go Amy, Go Amy. You can do it. You are one tough, strong, comitted women. A real role model to soo many! Keep up the morale team - she needs you all.
Julie and Trever

Unknown said...

My goodness!!!

Amy, I love you ^^

packfiller said...

We're proud of you Amy! :)