Friday, June 11, 2010

June 11, 2010 - Amy Xu/Team Strong Heart RAAM Update

11:50-CDT: Amy is on the move once again!  With rain still in the area and 59F and north winds at 7mph and and her Team Strong Heart crew are on their way to the next time station (#16) in Pagosa Springs, CO.  That is followed by TS#17 in South Fork, CO.  The leg between Pagosa Springs and South Fork features Wolf Creek Pass.  Wolf Creek Pass is the highest point of the race at 10,857 feet.  The climb to the pass includes 8 miles at a 7% grade.  That is going to be a bugger and it comes after the racers already have 947 miles on their legs!!   

7:38PM-CDT: Amy has reached Time Station #15 in Durango, CO AND a first big milestone!  Durango was the first time cut-off point for the women soloists.  So did she make it?? Heck yeah!! only with about 10 hours to spare!! Way to go Amy! we are all very proud of you!!  Michelle checked in shortly before Amy's arrival in Durango.  She said they had a hotel with a real bed and shower, balloons, and Thai food waiting for Amy when she got there.  A mini-celebration before she goes back out on the road!

As of TS#15 in Durango Amy has been racing for 3 days, 5 hours and has ridden 858 miles!

There is a little weather action going on in the area too.  As Amy pulled into Durango the temp was 63F, mostly cloudy with isolated rain & thunderstorms, and winds WNW at 12mph.   

3:44PM-CDT: Cortez, CO TS#14, another Time Station down!  Amy is on her way to Durango and another well deserved rest stop.

10:15AM-CDT: Amy has just passed through Time Station #13 in Montezuma Creek, Utah.  The temp at the time was 56F, mostly cloudy, with a NNE wind at 7mph.  The next Time Station is #14 in Cortez, Colorado another 50 miles down the road.  Crewing for Amy right now is Sandy, Emerald, & Doug.  They'll be with Amy until Durango, CO TS#15.

TSH Crew Members: Emerald, Sandy, & Doug. RAAM 2010

TSH Co Crew-chiefs Michelle Pearl & Sandy Roman. RAAM 2010 

7:12AM-CDT: Word just came in via text-message that Amy is on the road!  Colorado bound!

Amy on the Yarnell Climb Wed. 6/9/10

3:55AM-CDT: Amy is into Utah now and has reached TS#12 in Mexican Hat, UT.  It is 59F with a east wind at 5mph.  Amy has now raced a total of 725 since the race started last Tuesday at 2PM-CDT.  That means she has ridden 725 miles in 86 hours!

It sounds like Amy and crew have stopped in Mexican Hat for a break before continuing on.  They are looking to reach Colorado.

As Amy races on into the daylight hours she will see cooler temps in the 60F's and winds that continue to be mostly out of the west.

12:59AM-CDT: Time Station #11 at Kayenta, AZ has been reach, TS#11 is the last time station in Arizona!  Amy will be in Utah soon.  The weather in Kayenta as Amy rode through was 57F and calm.


Marc said...

Amy, you are a wonder woman! The Ireland family and fellow bikers at the office have been watching your progress, and all are awed by your great work--and by that smile on your face while climbing yet another hill. Marc

Anonymous said...

Rock on ROCK STAR!!!

Unknown said...

Yeah Amy, You are awesome. Keep on a truckin!

Unknown said...

Team Strong Heart Crew, you guys are doing great! Way to keep Amy moving!

Michele Ireland said...

Amy, you are intense! If anyone can finish this ride, you can. Be sure to get as much rest/sleep as possible. It makes me tired just thinking about your long hours, not to mention the long miles. You're doing great. Way to go!!

Anonymous said...

We are so proud of you Amy. You are constantly in our thoughts. we are wishing you lots of tail wind!

Holly and Lilly

Unknown said...

Hey Amy it's time to start howling up Wolf Creek Pass, ahooooooo!