Monday, June 18, 2007

Plus 45 minutes...

Bernie just called, they have their 45 minutes back on VMG, there may have been some mistakes in the posting of the times on the internet, but Team Strongheart's strategy in the hills is paying off. Tim and Bernie started it out when they attacked a 3-4 mile long 8% hill with a hard tempo, the excitement is definitely back in Bernie's voice, as he stated that was fun! Today has been the hardest day of the tour, but it's almost payday as they are expecting to be done in a little over 12 hours. After they get through the hills of West Virginny, the roads flatten out some, and they expect to cruise in. The first 2 4-man teams have already finished, so the race is on for third. GO TEAM STRONGHEART!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update blog posts and live Bernie updates.

Un-real everyone! Nice job.

Some of us are quite distracted with your race.


Anonymous said...

Why is it the word "amazing" just doesn't do justice to this group?
GO TEAM STRONG HEART!!!!!!!! Show VMG what your made of.

Anonymous said...

Super to hear and what a performance!

This blog has been absolutely wonderful to read day to day and well written!

I can't believe people can bike across America in 5 or so days at 19+ MPH...that is incredible!

Of course, given the comments on the State of the Nation's Highway Infrastructure the whole team is certain to come back pushing for higher roadway taxes/funding!!!!!

Can't wait to hear the story told from the horses mouths!

TY 8)