Thursday, June 14, 2007

Feeling Better....

Bernie checked in with me this morning after pulling the night shift with Tim. He's back on the bike! He's feeling much better and feels recovered from his dehydration experience. He's feeling so good that he was finally able to eat something of substance: a Sonic Double-Cheeseburger! Now I kind of wish I was out burning all those calories so I could have one of them babies! Bernie is so happy to be riding again that him and Tim even tacked on an extra hour and a half riding, seems they got lost! I'm blaming that one on Nuxie! :) Sounds like people are starting to get into a routine and are getting more rest. On a family note, Bernie's parents who live in Colorado are going to meet him briefly at Alamosa. That will be a welcome respite. The team was heading to Cortez Co when I talked to him. They should be in Kansas tomorrow, out of the mountains and into the wind. I don't know what is worse. Bernie said that the scenery has been amazing, riding in the desert at night is like being in a planetarium. I asked him for any funny stories, and he said I'll have to get them from Neil, so here's hoping I can talk to him eventually. Thanks to the supportive comments, I'll pass them on to the guys next time I talk to them. Go Team Strongheart!


Jason said...

Tell Neil that the UJVF finished off over 20 beers in his honor last night! Keep that head down and rubber on the road!


HEATH said...

No doubt you'awl make it.
Cheeseburger sweetness.
Burn the fat boys.
Thinking of ya.

Anonymous said...

Let's hear it for Bernie!! being back in the race. Glad your OK. All you team riders & support staff, keep the faith. We keep following your progress on the internet. Wish we could talk to Tim but he needs to keep his mind on the the road ahead & the finish line.
God bless all of you. Be safe!!
And Tim, remember, mom's pushing you.

Anonymous said...

I am relieved that the B Train is back on track. Go Bernie! Skibby, thanks for the updates. Reviewing the stats on the website is OK but your input fills in all the colors in the picture. Stay well, breathe deeply and enjoy the experience. (Easy for me to say!) Go Team Strongheart! Good vibes to all the team members.

Anonymous said...

What a relief! I woke up at 5 am this morning (on my day off) and couldn't go back to sleep without checking online to see how you are doing.
Bernie, you are Joe's new hero!
Susan (Johnson, Laurel's cousin- explaining for everyone who isn't Bernie and Bernie in case he is dazed)

The Deuel Family said...


We continue to root you on and check you blog, voicemail, and any other thing that will give us an update on Team Strong Heart. Glad to see you are 4 strong again.

Anonymous said...

Cheeseburgers....mmmmm....perfect recovery food - no doubt!

Anonymous said...

Team Strongheart,

The Andreen family is following your progress. Way to go. Glad to hear things are going better today.

You Rock!!!