Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mission Accomplished!

They finished! Six days 15 hours and 13 minutes, what an amazing time. I think Team Strongheart has exceeded all expectations, averaging 19.11 mph across the country and finishing 3rd is an excellent result. What a team and what a crew! The most important part of this endeavor isn't the results but the fact that it was done to raise awareness and funds for Camp Odayin. This is the real mission, this is what is important. This is why I'm proud to be associated with such a great group of people. Here's to the kids, parents and staff at Camp Odayin, you rock!

Signing out now, thanks for reading the past week, I'll let the heroes take back this blog...



Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS! You have definitely brought awareness to Camp Odayin and no doubt succeeded in a task WELL beyond what most of us would even consider! It was fun following you all!
Heather Hjelle

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to team members and the crew, you made it happen!! We especially want to say "Way to go to Neil, (Mr E)" from Brett Tizzano and family. We kept track of the team all week and look forward to hearing more about the trip after you've rested and reflected. Prayers were definately answered that you all made it safely. Enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Team Strong Heart! We are so proud of you! Can't wait to get you back to Champlin and have a big party - and one last fund raiser for Camp!
We Love You Guys!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the entire Team Strong Heart team, what an amazing and inspiring effort. Your accomplishment places you in a select group, never forget it.

Anonymous said...

Well Done TSH!!!!

I bet it was an experience of a lifetime and somewhere in that group someone is sure to be called in front of Congress to testify on the Nation's Roadways...I think Neil probably has the most to say!

While you are out there don't miss an opportunity to enjoy a fine meal at Dunkin Donuts! I hear it's all the rave out East and I am sure you could use the calories! A hero's meal if there ever was one!

And of course, you grabbed some hardware for your efforts...better call your local handyman and get the mantle built!

TY 8)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Team Strong Heart,

What a tremendous journey and a third place finish. That is an unbelievable experience and accomplishment. Again, thank you so much for all you're doing and have done for Camp Odayin. I still am amazed at what you did in crossing our country in such short time.

This weekend when some of us do the Pacemaker 5000 Run/Walk in Minneapolis to raise funds for Children's Hospitals we'll be thinking of your great accomplishments.

Thanks so much for doing so much for everyone involved with Camp Odayin.

Mark, father of a Camp Odayin child

Home Skillet said...

so....you guys up for a ride this weekend? I know its critical to get some miles in....

Anonymous said...

Congradulations to Team Strong Heart and your determination to finish the race.
Thank you for being there for each other and the kids at Camp Odayin.
Enjoy the moment.

Anonymous said...

I've spent many a hour following races on the internet at work and home. The last time I was excited to keep up on an event was the last time that Lance was in the TdF. Thank you for bringing that excitement back to bicycling.

What an accomplishment! TSH should be proud of such an grueling race. I live vicariously through you guys! I was so pumped that I would even consider doing this race! Now I just have to start getting those miles in to catch you guys.

Congratulations again on such a monumental achievement for such a worthy cause! We are wondering if there will be a TSH 2?

Laura said...

Wow. You guys are amazing, and I am so proud to have worked with you!! You'd better be out celebrating :)

Much love,
Laura Mongiello