Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A note from Tim Case - Racer

Hi all,
My last day in Minnesota has been very low key and has afforded some time for reflection about our team and the essence of what got us all to the finish line in "beautiful" Atlantic City.
I want each of you to understand that I am forever indebted to you for your tenacity, kindness and respect as we rolled across the country. I've been a part of some high performing teams (on and off the
bike) and some low performing teams and trust me when I tell you that at the end of the day, being a part of Team Strong Heart was the number one experience I've had in my short 30 years.
Returning to Colorado tomorrow will be
semi-bittersweet as the past three weeks have renewed my love for the people and places of the Twin Cities.
Since returning to the area I've reconnected with so many close friends that I'd long since lost track of, have rediscovered a true passion for cycling and have come back with a whole RV full of road-weary people who I now count amongst my core group of friends.
Each of you have made a vital impact in my life at a time when prior to the race I was already pinching myself about how good things had gotten for me. I just want to echo Bill's thoughts and thank you for shining yet another beam of light into my crazy little world.
See you out on the road...

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Skibby said...

It was great seeing Tim at the NVGP this weekend. He's looking mighty lean! And now he wants to do a 2 man RAAM!