Saturday, June 16, 2007

1800 miles only 1 flat?

Talked to Nuxie again today. He had just finished taking care of the only flat they've had (as far as he knows). That's some pretty good fortune, I typically flat about every other ride... Bill echoed what Tess said in her previous post about the free McDonalds food, it was like a banquet! They passed the halfway point last night in Pratt Kansas, today they are in Missouri. I checked the weather forecast it looks like they are going to be in hot weather for the remainder of the trip. I asked Bill how the riders were coping with soreness and Bill gave a shout out to Linda Bergstrom and Tess for the excellent jobs they have been doing in massaging the riders. That really helps. Bill said that they weigh the riders before and after they get on the bikes, recording their fluid intake, electrolyte intake and food intakes to keep them properly maintained. In the picture above from the start with Greg being massaged by his wife Angie, look to the left (or greg's right). There's Tim with his goofy silver aero helmet on, Zukko and I had commented to each other that Tim looks like he's ready to do a tour prologue of 4k rather than a 3,000 bike race! There's no much ventilation in that lid! Bill verified that Tim has been wearing the helmet at night, it's actually warmer and does provide some aero benefits. During the day it would be pretty hot. All the riders besides Bernie have a bike with aero-bars on as well. The aero-bars not only put the rider in more of an aerodynamic position but it is also used for resting in an event like a RAAM. Apparently Bernie was unable to get comfortable with them, so decided to go without. Well, I've got to go race at the track, SHORT, fast, no hills! Ciao!

ps. Tess, if you give the photographer my email I could post some photos.
pps. If anyone has any burning questions you could also e-mail me and I'll get the answer for you.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS TEAM STRONG HEART! Over half-way there! We are all cheering you on and praying for you!
Heather Hjelle and Oxbow Creek Elementary Student Council

Anonymous said...

hey, you guys need some laughs - this will get you going for sure - enjoy.

Anonymous said...

We are so proud of you all! What an AMAZING thing you are doing! Thanks for keeping us informed. We are checking all the time. God bless you and the rest of your trip! Love from The Crymbles

Home Skillet said...

geeez - you blink and the next thing you know you guys are due south east...easy enough for me to say. I woke up last night or early morning at 3am...couldnt sleep - dreaming of i was thinking - man i am tired - i gotta get some sleep and as i was looking at the clock switch to 3:21 i was inspired - you guys havent taken a break all week. i dont know how you do it - all of you. I am now having a Bud Select in your honor.

Anonymous said...

WOW - what fun it is to log on to the blog each morning and hear about your adventures. I'm so incredibly grateful to each of you for your dedication to the Camp Odayin mission. On behalf of all of the kids we serve - THANK YOU.

p.s. 3rd place - you guys are kickin' some serious tail! :)

Anonymous said...

Keep on, everybody! Great to hear the updates, and Bernie, I hope the fluids at the hospital did you right. Way to recover, guys.

Patrick Horrigan

Laurel said...

I love you, I love you, I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Unknown said...

Nice work guys! I hope those fluids helped ya at the hospital Bernie- way to recover, big man. Thinking of all of you on the road out there, and Loving the updates! Keep on,

Anonymous said...

Heard from our son Tim Case yesterday and told him to make sure that he thanks all the riders and espically the support crew's for their efforts during this race. Your dedication is something to be proud of as we are of our son.
Thank You All