Friday, June 8, 2007

Off we go, into the wild blue yonder (sing it with me now)!

I can't believe its really time to go...after a year of preparation, training, work to pull all this together, we're finally heading out at 8am. We'll be driving down to I-80 and then west to Boulder to pick up Tim Case, grab a few hours of "good" sleep then finish the second 1,000 mile stretch to Oceanside.

I think the drive out will be an adventure in itself!

I'd like to send out a huge THANK YOU to all of our friends, family, supporters and sponsors that helped make the Team Strong Heart mission fly!

You can follow us at!

Stay tuned to the blog for all the details!


HEATH said...

SWEET! You guys are awesome. Forge on and on and on.

HEATH said...

Sweet! have fun guys. Forge on and on and on! Heath