Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tail Winds!

Tim's bike modifications. (Picture from RAAM site.)

It is great to be back from the woods and tuned into the race!! The 4 person team is going great! The crew is good and they actually had tail winds in Kansas! Tim is in the adventure of a lifetime! What a crazy race!

This is kind of cool.


Unknown said...

Glad you are back Neal "You Rock" Wow Tim's crew is very creative!! Way to go & glad he is feeling better!!

Love Mary & "her Crew"

Anonymous said...

Team Strong Heart:
We are watching your progress with great pride. We tell everyone who walks in the store about you - even the customer who look at us as if we are insane! Keep up the great work! Even as you start to tire, keep focused. You can finish what you have begun. You have the strength.
God Bless You
Larry and Pam Sayler

Jim Kelley said...

A message to Tim from Jim Kelley, Burlington, VT, a member of VMG Racing, last year's 4 man team that did battle with Strong Heart last year. Way to hang tough! One time station at a time. Me and the rest of the VMG team are following closely. Be safe and best of luck.