Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ready, Set, GO!

Hey there everyone, this is Michelle speaking from Tim Case's solo crew. This is the first opportunity I have had to give you an update!

Today is (wait, let me check) Tues June 10th. The first 2 days were packed with challenge, and adventure. Tim started out strong leaving Oceanside at 12:00in the afternoon Cali time in which he headed in to the prime heat and tremendous mountains of California. For the first entire day into the evening, due to narrow roads, all racers were not allowed to have direct support. Our first crew shift had to do what's called "leapfrog" support for Tim which means drive a few miles ahead where it is safe and have food, water, and nutrients waiting to manually pass to him from the road as needed.

By the first night the effects of the heat, adrenaline of the race, and the terrain started taking its toll. The next 12 hours into yesterday posed physical and psychological challenges, and by 3 in the afternoon, Tim was questioning his deepest self. As a crew divided of people with many skills, we knew we had to take control to help Tim work towards his dream of completing this race. We decided it was time for a rest, and Tim needed to sleep in order to heal ad replenish his body to get him to a good place again. During his down time, the crew did calculations and came up with a serious stetegy and plan for Tim. We are the people closest in his life, and know how he functions. Tim is a type "A", go getter, and mythodical person. He needed a methodical plan, and that's what we devised.

2 hours later Tim woke up as a new man, and new desire for this challenge. Half the crew that had been up for now 36 hours stright stayed at the hotel to rest and get clean while the second half of the crew continued with Tim into the night. We restarted on the road at 8: 30 p.m and he road into the next afternoon 17 hours straight with minimal rests. Tim just got through his last time station with his highest rate so far, and he is feeling and looking strong, and did I mention is an amazing climber. The crew feels strong too, and has learned so much in the last 12 hours.

We are determined to finish and to finish strong.

I will keep you updated as I can, however internet access is sporatic. I am speaking daily with the Yellow Scene magazine editor, and he is posting a daily blog on their wbsite dictated from me. Please look at it at: http://yellowscene.com/blog/

Thans again to everyone who has supported us, and YOU are truley who keep Tim and Team Strongheart going!


Anonymous said...

Tim & Crew--ROCK ON. You guys & one girl are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Michelle,
I'm Fred's brother making Tim my nephew.
We are all watching with excitement with Tim's progress and are pulling for him and the crew to finish successfully.
My deepest thanks to the crew, your undying support is crucial to the success of your mission and we extend our best wishes and thanks to you all.
Thank you as well for the updates and blog reports, it makes the race "real" for us here.
Please extend our regards to Tim and let him know we are following his progress and wish him the best of luck in his race.
Thank you all for your support.
Bill and Aimee Case