Friday, June 20, 2008


Tim is in. Stay tuned for reaction and reports!! Way to go Tim!!


Unknown said...

Hi Tim,
I am so proud of what you have accomplished. This is some victory for you, Michelle, your team and most important, the kisds at Camp Odayin.
Love Annie

wordmonkey said...

Tim has finished!!! He is fast asleep right now, but his team checked in with us to catch up on the final moments of this race.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to those of you who believed in Tim being a solo rider and finishing the incredible race.
I'm sure everyone is proud of him and his crew.
I know as his parents, we are.
Fred & Linda

Anonymous said...


Russ (Loon State) and I are amazed beyond words by what you accomplished. I was so mesmerized, and kept constantly watching & reading all the updates. We were so excited to track your progress this morning and "watch" you finish. I remember when we all rode the 24 Hours of Afton. That was fun, but boy, you sure have come a long way! Congratulations! We would love to catch up -- let us know if y'all are stopping in Minnesota (perhaps post on the Strong Heart site if there's going to be a reception in MN).

Way to go!