Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hungry for the Challenge!

When asked how the riders were doing, Melinda chimed in with "I am hungry for the challenge."  This was after she found out that they are closing in on second place.  I asked Holly how everyone was doing and she said, "They are having a blast."  Wow!  I did not feel that way in MO!  That is for sure!  They have a very good thing going right now!  Power on!


Anonymous said...

Super job! Over half way there!
Good pictures of the race start. Hope the weather is good for the rest of your ride.
Julie R.

jorgehuevo said...

keep it up strong heart


Anonymous said...

I watch your progress every day at TRPD on Simons map. It's amazing to me that you guys and gals can make this kind of bicycle progress across these US!! Having biked quite a bit more in my younger days than I do now I have to say I'm somewhat awestruck by all of this. I can assure everyone that I'm praying for safety, strength (and Melinda's sleep). I trust that your all settled into some sort of routine if that's possible. Keep up the awesome work and bike safe!!
Ken L.