Thursday, June 26, 2008

Party Time!

John, Amy, Melinda, & Jay -- We did it!

That's right. We found our way across the country, crossed the finish line, and returned everyone home safe and sound. Now it's time for a little celebrating.

Trailhead Cycling and Fitness, our sponsoring shop, will host an open house this Saturday (6/28) at 6PM. The TSH raffle drawing will also take place at this time. Last chance to buy tickets!

TSH will be at the shop beforehand (early afternoon) offering Raffle Tickets, TSH Tee-shirts, and TSH socks. If you are interested in Team Strong Heart cycling clothes - orders are still being taken.

Thanks again everyone for your support!

Team Strong Heart


Michelle Pearl said...

Congrats! You guys did awesome!

jorgehuevo said...

michelle i dont know you but i know tim, and you did awesome as well, you are the greates motivator there is


TimothyCase said...

Hey guys. Sorry I couldn't make the party this weekend...still resting and recovering from the race. Hope everything is well...

I'm tentatively planning on coming out to MN and WI the first weekend of August to race the 24 hours of 9Mile race in Wausau. Probably single speed solo category...


Cruskaia said...

Hello Team Strong Heart! You are all amazing. I used to cycle and haven't in a while. You have completely inspired me to pick it up again.
I also work for a foreign exchange program for high school students. We have a serious German cycler among our students who needs a home this year! If you or anyone you know in the cycling community is interested in possibly hosting a teen cycler for 10 months, let me know!