Sunday, June 15, 2008


Weather is on the minds of the Team tonight.  It is off to the north but the possibility of storms is in the forecast.  The team continues to motor on.  They are maintaining a half hour lead over Team Theraplay.  Team Cycle Smart, who Strong Heart was battling last night, has fallen back and has yet to pass time station 29.   So, Team Strong Heart has a strong hold of second place.  We hope that Team Cycle Smart is all right.  They were battling so hard.  

We have yet to hear from Tim today but he continues to impress.  I talked to him on Tuesday and he was suffering; I am so impressed that he continues to roll, really it is unbelievable.  Stay tuned!


Neil said...

They must have missed Team Cycle Smart. They are doing fine and moving along. Good luck everybody and stay safe!

Unknown said...

Happy Father's Day to Jay & John!!
Talked to Jay 3 times today & he is so glad to be out of Kansas!! He said they were coming in to the Ozarks this evening & had some climbing to do. He sounded great & said that they are all feeling good & I believe have about a 40 minute lead over the 3rd place team!!!!!!!!!!!!He also said their crew is outstanding,Thanks to all of you!Stay safe & healthy!!Love,Mary & Kids, We miss you Jay

Neil said...

The crew makes a difference!