Friday, May 15, 2009

The Guilded Armor of TSH09


Just so yall know what we will look like this year...these baby's are almost here and yes they are available to purchase but we didnt place a large order up front due to time and all other things associated with getting airborn. Its a full zip this year with some new design aspects - the big turtle and new sponsors...and of course some long time trusted sponsors. We wil have to arrange some sort of list/collection system etc if you want to order some kits. The T-shirts are actually Borah's Tech-Tee - its a micro knit poly shirt - NOT COTTON. Trailhead Cycle will have a handful for sale when they come in but the majority were for crew up front. We can order more and I am guessing SSF will have some prices for these soon. I will leave that in the hands of those who know better.

I dont have the bandwidth to collect orders right now so emailing me will result in failure - just sayin'. If somone in SSF can handle this - please do so we can accomodate those that are interested. I wont volunteer anyone.

I am jazzed, excited, nervous, worried, happy and ready to RACE! did I mention almost burned out?

Front of the Jersey

Back of Jersey

Shorts or Bibs rather



Pat said...

Cool suff. So how does a guy score some gear?

Home Skillet said...

we should set up a collection point for orders/prices and such. The Tech-Tee's can be place quickly and shipped quick. The kits take a while longer - more to it of course. I will check with the SSF board as to how we want to do this - great question...just not sure how to answer it...sorry.