Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Few Good People

Hey all,

Team Strong Heart is looking for a few good people to round out our crew roster for the 2009 Race Across America. Duties include, but are not limited do, making food for the racers, meeting irrational demands of other crew members, racers and race officials, drinking copious amounts of coffee and Red Bull at all hours of the day and night, helping drive across the country at 20 miles an hour, etc., etc.

Seriously, though, we are desperately seeking one or two more crew members for our effort this year. It is a tough job, very much a volunteer position, but pretty much the most epic experience you'll have between the dates of June 18 and June 27 (approximate dates and approximate level of epicness).

Team Strong Heart has an outstanding network of passionate people who organize, race and make this crazy thing happen, year after year.

Won't you join us?

E-mail Team Strong Heart member Tim Case, at if you're interested. You won't be disappointed if you do!

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