Monday, May 11, 2009

As of Today...

35 Days till RAAM
Yeah, I am almost scared to look at the RAAM opening up the cell peek quick then close it up real quick to then deal with it know the drill.

What I have noticed through this fight - and we haven't even gotten to the start line yet - is how much work there really is to do. Just when one pile is worked through - there is another to take it's place. Be it money, crew, logistics, reservations, expectations, oh - and training, tying up loose ends at work ahead of time, baseball with the kids, boy scouts, cub scouts, marriage, training, crew, logistics...the cycle repeats itself many times over...and sometimes a few times a day.

Where we stand is simple - together.

This time of preparation is nothing short of a team effort from our friends at SSF, past TSH racers/crew and current crazies that are working to get this ready. My hats off to you all. Oh, did I mention our sponsors and friends of TSH that have parted with their hard earned money and coveted time to help? You have seen us riding in shops, riding in the snow, riding at night, begging for money, telling the reasons we fight this fight (Camp Odayin), logging endless hours on narrow bike seats and for what? To be make TSH09 another winning represent Camp Odayin with more of what has been in the past - success.

I cannot speak for our team - individually I mean - but we have a passion that transcends anything we have done before. Tim and Brett have done the ultimate - solo RAAM - but Steve and I are rookies in a brutal field. Our team has relied on prior teams and past experience to prep in all ways possible...and then there is another pile to contend with.

Our struggle isn't over but we are in the lead. So to all that I say...bring on the hurdles and the rings of fire...give me your best b/c thus far, TSH09 has overcome so much with the help of so many and we will reach our goal. When I look at the struggles I think only of one thing - Camp Odayin. No struggle I can deal with will ever match the struggles they overcome every day. I hope you feel the same way when you reach out your hand to help.

The promise that is shared by myself, Steve, Brett and Tim is that we WILL show honor and respect to the team - as a team. We will leave all of our effort ON the road - holding nothing back. We will think of Camp Odayin as it hurts and when it is okay - we will chase down the bl inky lights at night and will drive home a hard effort to be the best on being measured many ways I suppose but we have a mind to win...and winning means we did everything possible to leave it on the road somewhere between Oceanside CA and Annapolis MD...I'm just hoping I leave the last bits closer to MD. :)

$5 gives you some "feel-good" reasons to spend to include: $900 gift card at Trailhead, Kurt Kenetic Trainer, Rainbow Resort stay and the HED Jet wheel-set - slightly used but stellar!

If you want some - email me and we can meet up


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