Saturday, February 21, 2009

RAAM 2009 - right around the corner

Yes, I check the RAAM site each day...and the count-down is ... well...the number is decreasing and my anxiety is increasing in a good way. The wheels are in motion and we are picking up steam.

Training is ongoing and constant - more than I have done this early in the year for sure. It feels good to be getting lean in Jan but I am really not liking the healthy diet. I get to a point where I think of food as fuel - and then it all tastes like chicken...or tree bark as Kashi is a staple in our home.

Couple of things to remember this next week. Feb 25th at Elm Creek is a ski event and meet some riders of past and present Team Strong Heart. We 'should' have our 2009 Raffle Tickets by then so bring some cash to purchase tickets.... $5 / ticket. Lots of great prizes that will be drawn after RAAM in June.

Trailhead Cycle/Fitness is hosting an open house on Sat the 28th and TSH09 will be hosting a RAAM simulation starting at 6 pm Friday t0 6pm Sat - yes, 24hrs of spin. I will be doing the intervals of 30 mins on - 30 mins off and some intermittent rest. The idea...get a feel for the mental game we will all be going through. Again - some information will be there to help donate to TSH/SSF to help Camp Odayin. Heck, hop on a bike and spin with TSH09 for a few bucks (cheap promotion) and know that your dollars will go to support a worthy cause.

We should have a list of items that will be raffled away - the big prizes will be listed on the ticket.

Hope to see you there....expect to see you there.


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