Saturday, February 28, 2009

24 Hours of Spin at Trailhead - TSH Event

I must say - my body was not all that ready however I was told that I looked pretty alert and in good form even at the last pull at 530 -600 pm today...lip service???? Ill take the props. I learned a bit in the past 24 hours that I can add to the memory bank for extended riding - no...I am not some self proclaimed expert just saying I noticed some things.

One....hydration and not to over-do it or suffer the consequences of bathroom runs all the time - a good balance was struck. Two....overcoming lack of sleep - even within a short period of time like 24 hrs. Three...a good saddle is worth it's weight in gold at least a hundred times over. Four....the right foods that are easy to digest. I didn't fail in these but rather noticed the effects of being on track and slipping behind. The best trait of all was the value of support from friends and new-friends even at 4 am (Cindy, Greg and Tim). Thank you for the early hour smiles.

Joe and I did about equal amounts of riding and I was on a variety of bikes/spin machines including the Shimano prototype Electronic-DA Orca - super cool. It came out to about 15 hours of riding blended into a 24 hour span of time with no more than 2 hours of actual sleep...the rest of the off-time was more or less awake but not on a bike seat.

Once Saturday a.m. rolled around we did break to get some quality brekfast down at Houdy's and helped Larry/Pam get the shop set up for the open house and then back on the bike to finish off the ride. I was glad to be done and realized that this is only a taste of RAAM...and not even a really good representation of RAAM. I had a chance to talk with some vetren epic riders to gleen some advice (Handyman Jeff and Steven Hughes)...thank you guys as your advice on tips/tricks will be taken seriously.

All done - wide awake and totally spent....


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