Friday, February 6, 2009

HEEEEEERE we come RAAM 2009!

Official notice to our friends, families and supporters of...

IT IS OFFICIAL! Team Strong Heart is proud to announce that we are now on the registration for RAAM 2009 4-person team competition. We are going to be starting our journey....well....a while ago but the race starts June 20th where we will be biking for Camp Odayin to reach our goal in Annapolis MD some 3000 miles down the road and more importantly to raise major funding for Camp Odayin.

So the time is now. Our goal is in sight. We ask you - community, friends, co-workers, family and loved ones to get behind TSH and support us as we embark on something wonderful - making dreams come true for children in 2009.

"Racing miles to create strong smiles"

I want to formally thank Andrea Riberich at HPI Marketing for pouring her long hours into making TSH visible and for being a great friend of TSH.

Please keep a weather eye for upcoming events - soon - related to raising funds for TSH and Camp Odayin.

See you on the road

Andrew, Brett, Steve, Joe and Tim....and....of course Amy, Bernie, Jay, Holly and the Crew


JayT said...

On behalf of SILENT SPORTS FOUNDATION and supporters, we wish TEAM STRONG HEART 2009 a safe and strong journey for their incredible mission for the Camp Odayin kids!!!

nerdman said...

Are those guys crewing? I will have to make some phone calls!

Rachel said...

Andrew, Joe and Brett, You are doing a wonderful thing for the Odayin kids. I am enjoying the blog and getting to follow your journey.

I am Rachel Carlson the daughter of the late, Randy Van Zee, solo RAAM 2004 finisher. My husband is currently deployed to Iraq and I am looking for people to support our Walk to Iraq challenge. It is really quiet simple 5 miles of biking equals 1 mile of walking/running or 15 minutes of exercise equals 1 mile. I would love to have you guys on my team and to count all those hard miles you have been logging. I can count back to October and all I need is each of your miles biked for each month. IF you are interested please email me your miles (for each person with name) for each month to

Thank you so much for your time and good luck, may the tail winds be with you.

Home Skillet said...

crewing? who - amy, jay etc..? nope..just naming the people helping out on ssf along with the riders. Tim is crewing - head honcho. still working on the others.