Thursday, January 29, 2009

Training for an epic....

(andy riding a few weeks ago)
Hello from Minnesota
I trust you are about as sick of the cold as I am, that being said, I embrace this weather and live through it...its like the last bit of a giant climb...seeing the top just ahead. This year has new meaning to me in that much is at stake to be successful - June is around the corner and the kids are already looking forward to camp at Camp Odayin. That's right - remember camp?

Remember not being able to wait until the time came to get in the car or bus and head out to the great unknown - get away from mom and dad and the annoying siblings? Lets keep this in mind as we ride this year - be it racing, crewing, helping with fund-raising, encouraging us on training rides, the pat on the back....a "job well done"....all these things will bring us as Team Strong Heart a step closer to success.

I am not the best in training - it is not easy for me to find the joy of the indoor trainer...I have taken a new approach to put as many miles outside as I can - in the tough weather, in the great weather...the idea is to be able to get tough mentally as well. With the help of coaches and prior racers - it will be "easy" to keep on track but come open roads, the miles will begin to compound even more. Extra rides - long rides - trips to Stillwater to do 3 mile long hill repeats and so on. This is not only a time to see Team Strong Heart get strong - but a chance for you to join in on the best sport this planet has to offer....cycling.

So your dollars are needed - yes this is true and "no" I am not afraid to ask but also consider some other things that are critical - your time and your encouragement. I - along with Steve - would agree that our group rides have some of the greatest people I have ever known....not to say that the folks in Long Lake or NH are not - just saying that we are fortunate to have close friends that have stood out in the crowd and have given their best to help.

TSH09 - this is my focus...this is my reason for getting up each day (aside from the normal gig) and when I look ahead to Feb.....June....we have some major things to cover....but as this team moves does our community. I thank you in advance for your support.

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