Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Media Outreach

Exciting to note...

Team Strong Heart (TSH) 2009 has sent out our press-release to various locations in the United States (local and national representatives) with the intent to drive two main goals home. First is for Camp Odayin and the second is for Team Strong Heart fundraising.

We have had tremendous success with media outlets in years past and have developed a unique niche and reputation in many circles for the passion we have demonstrated with TSH. This year will be no different. I plan to be busy and to make myself available as much as I can but also our entire team is ready to do their part...What a great way to start the new year.

So, as you gaze through the pictures and testimonies on this site - know that the real story is about Camp Odayin and what we as a community can bring to them through TSH/SSF and RAAM. Your efforts, prayers and financial support are for a cause that will change lives - we thank you and look forward to working with you...

I guess I have to remember to train for this too. If you see a biker on the road this winter in our area - on an orange bike making his way through the snow - it might just be me fighting back Ol' Man Winter.

Thank you for visiting!

Andrew Claflin
TSH09 Team Leader


Anonymous said...

What a great cause. I am interested to learn about the different initiatives Team Strong Heart has taken to raise money for children with heart disease. Looking forward to your subsequent posts and good luck raising a bunch of money for the children!!!

Home Skillet said...

Thank you Harald - it is a blast to be here doing this - sorry I didnt see your post until now. Initiatives range from one-on-one to mass push outs via media outreach....smoke signals...Morse code... but word of mouth and consistent follow up rules the roost of course.