Wednesday, January 21, 2009

RAAM in full swing....

Hey everyone - I trust you are all doing well and for the hearty MN folk...I hope you survived the cold snap of a week, I really want summer to come back to MN.

With soooo much to do - I....WE need your help. There are many things to attend to and we are doing a great job in all areas but the one thing that needs more attention is financial obligations - of course. Who doesn't need more money right? Well, I understand the economic times are not favorable for me, I have been there and for those that know me - know the deal. TSH is still in fast forward to make this a reality for the kids at Camp Odayin. I am glad to say that we have a strong handful of crew but need more....we have vehicles that will take us through the heartland of the USA....and the money is needed to pull all things together.

Here is what I ask - do you have outlets by which you can promote TSH and Camp Odayin for us? Exposure is the name of the game. If you know us - then you know we are serious for the kids and we give a generous amount to a valid and noble cause. If giving financial support is not in the cards - then maybe you can help us spread the word. Dont heistiate to ask how you can help...asking is the first step to knowing.

If your company or the company you work for is into matching funds or interested in giving - this is a great way to give to a local venue. We will be promoting fund-raisers with the help of Trailhead Cycle/Fitness soon and we are planning events to get this jump started even more. I have some flyers / brochures and personal donation cards at the shop if you are local...just ask the friendly workers...they should have them on the ready.

I am excited and the team is in full prep for this race and your help/efforts and prayers will get us there.


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