Friday, November 17, 2006

Timothy Case, Racer

Timothy Case
Born/Raised: Buffalo Grove, IL
Home: Boulder, Colorado

Address: Boulder, Colorado

Age: 30 years old

What go you started in endurance events and what attracts you to RAAM?
I’ve participated in a number of endurance cycling events, most frequently 24 hour mountain bike racing, as part of a team and solo. The RAAM seems like a logical next step for my endurance training and will be a complete test of mind and body.

Family Status: Single

Education: B.A., Winona State University, Winona, MN
National certifications in Firefighting, Hazardous Materials, Fire Investigations, Rescue and Emergency Medicine

Occupation: Professional Firefighter, Boulder Fire Rescue

Why are you interested in raising funds and awareness for Camp Odayin?
Camp Odayin deserves recognition, funding and attention for the important service it provides children with cardiac conditions and their families.

Other sports of interest: Competitive running, hiking, international grand prix motorcar racing

Best Performance: 4th place, McCleod County Road Race, 2x 3rd place finishes in 24 Hours of Afton MTB race

Outline of Typical Training: 4-5 days of long slow distance and climbing with 2-3 days Anaerobic threshold training

Dream Goal: Complete RAAM with an intact, healthy team

Biggest Obstacle to Goal: Unpredicted variables during race, fatigue and stress

Favorite Fuel Source for Long Events: “Comfort food,” canned potatoes, soup, Cliff Bars, Hammer Gel

Most Valued Person in Life: I care for and love my close friends and family dearly

#1 Hero: Both of my parents share the #1 title in my life

Favorite Quote: “There is a time to think and a time to move. So which is it gonna be?”-Captain Andy Vigil, Poudre Valley Fire Department, Fort Collins, CO

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