Friday, November 17, 2006

Bill Nicholson, Crew Chief

Bill Nicholson, Crew Chief
Address: Dinkytown, US

Age: 47

What got you started in athletic endurance events, and what attractsyou to RAAM?
Upon first hearing of ultra-marathon and randonneuring events, I was drawn to them. First as a amateur participant, and then as a supporter. The character of individuals drawn to these events is so absurdly maniacal, that I want to join them.

Family status: Married, at least until I join the RAAM team…

Education: Scandinavian Studies
Computer and Media Technician at Change Masters Incorporated (hvad andet kunne man lave hos s├ądan en uddanelse?). Also a USA Cycling Race Official.
Why are you interested in raising funds and awareness for Camp Odayin?
I spent many years as a teenager at summer camps; first as a camper, later as a staff member. Helping to give these kids a better experience will be a small bit of payback for my experiences.

Other sports of interest, if any:
Team Handball and Curling. I think cycling makes my interests a trifecta for strange.

Best Performance ( not necessarily the fastest, just your favorite):
My first solo century while touring across Wisconsin. It was only supposed to be 50 miles… Maps: who needs them? (this from the guy who is supposed to keep us on track!)

Outline of your typical weekly training:
Sunday: Race Official
Monday: Race Official
Tuesday: Race Official
Wednesday: Time Trial
Thursday: Track Race Official
Friday: no racing, try to take a ride or sleep
Saturday: Race Official

Dream Goal:
Ride Paris-Brest-Paris, a non-stop 1200km ride that runs every four years. 2007 is out for me, but in 2011 – here I come.
Biggest obstacle to reaching your Dream Goal:
My French. Everything else is just me.
Favorite fuel source for events - what you eat on long events
Something with oats and caffeine, I think.

Most valued person in your life:
My wife Peggy: she’s smarter than I am, got me on the bike again as an adult, and is supportive of my hair-brained adventures.

Your #1 hero (may be the same as above):

Favorite quote or words to live by:
“If you’re not ridin’, you’re hidin’”

What you'd like to say to a group of like-minded endurance cycling athletes and/or a news reporter:
If there is anything that appears hard AND a little loonie, it is definitely worth consideration. And bring along several friends!

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