Friday, November 17, 2006

Greg Kostik, Racer

Greg Kostik
Born, raised and currently lives in Minneapolis

Address: 2600 Robbins St., Minneapolis, MN 55410

Age: 32

What got you started in athletic endurance events, and what attracts you to RAAM? The more bike racing I did over the years, I realized that the longer the race was the better I did. The events I did the best in were long individual time trials. Each time I’ll be on the bike during RAAM will be a long individual time trial.

Family status: Engaged. I will be getting married to the lovely Angie March 31, 2007.

Education: Will complete my BS in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minnesota in May 2007.

Occupation: Senior Mechanical Designer for The Toro Company.

Why are you interested in raising funds and awareness for Camp Odayin? To help the kids have the best life they can. On a personal note, my godson was born December 2005 with a cardiovascular defect. I saw firsthand the struggles it puts upon a family.

Other sports of interest, if any: Triathlons and downhill skiing.

Best Performance (not necessarily the fastest, just your favorite): Ironman Madison 2004, finished 260th out of 2188 competitors (was 26th out of 2188 on the 112 mile bike leg).

Outline of your typical weekly training: If I’m not racing during the week I get in 3-5 days of short, intense rides (30-50 miles). If I’m not racing on the weekends I get in at least one good long, hard ride.

Dream Goal: Live my life to its fullest potential.

Biggest obstacle to reaching your Dream Goal:

Favorite fuel source for events - what you eat on long events: Cold pizza and Cliff Blocks

Most valued person in your life: Family and close friends.

Favorite quote or words to live by: You can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

What you'd like to say to a group of like-minded endurance cycling athletes and/or a news reporter: Never give up on chasing your goals.

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