Tuesday, May 11, 2010

TEAM STRONG HEART 2010 crew announcement - May 7, 2010

I'm pleased to announce that Team Strong Heart 2010 includes total 14 crew members:

Sandy Roman (MN)
Michelle Pearl (CO)
Minghong (Sally) Wang (NH)
Doug Donelson (CO)
Emerald Simmons (CO)
David Detmar (TX)
Tim Sandy (CA)
Dennis Richardson (CA)
Jacquelyn Torborg (MN)
Richard (Dick) Roman (MN)
Dale Nordick (MN)
Susan Just (MN)
Dave Waltz (MN)
Qiuwen (Janet) He (NH)

On behalf of Silent Sports Foundation and Team Strong Heart 2010 RAAM, first of all, I want to thank you all for being a part of the Team Strong Heart 2010 mission to help Camp Odayin charitable cause in RAAM 2010. I welcome you on board. Also, I want to thank our co-crew chiefs, Sandy Roman and Michelle Pearl, for their hard work to get us all together in the last few months. Without them, this will not happen. I'm very grateful to all of you and look forward to being a part of this team and your rider. We come from many different parts of the country with all different background, yet as a whole, we are going for a common mission. I'm very proud of us. Moving forward, no matter what happens on this journey, we are the Team Strong Heart 2010, and we are a part of the Greater Team Strong Heart family now.

One of our main goals is to help bring awareness of cardiovascular diseases that Camp Odayin kids suffering in their daily lives. On our crew, we have a member whose family had experienced such devastated diseases, and we also have crew members who themselves are the survivals of other potentially life-threatening diseases. Currently, we are blessed with good health and great energy.

In regards to the race event, our #1 goal is to make this crossing safe and a great experience for all of us. I encourage everyone to sit back for a moment to visualize our journey ahead and say a prayer for all of us as well as the loved ones back home, and thank our families and friends who support us in this mission. We'll have hundreds of thousands of folks back home, across the country and beyond, to support us. I'm not afraid of the challenges ahead even though the roads ahead are very treacherous and somewhat dangerous. Please take care of yourself and be vigilant to all dangers around us and help each other. Together, we CAN do this.

(Above photo is courtesy of Mellow Johnny bike museum, Austin, TX)

Amy Xu (Dorsey & Whitney, partner)
Team Strong Heart 2008 (team) and 2010 (solo)

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