Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Newest 2010 Crew member (#15) -- Jay Thompson, Team Strong Heart 2008 rider

Welcome on board, Jay (from right -- TEAM STRONG HEART 4-person team -- Jay, Amy, John, Melinda, taken in Oceanside 2008 RAAM).

Jay came on board this week to crew us from MN to CO and is the designated reporter for TSH website/facebook for race progress. Thank you.

Please join me to thank the following individuals for volunteering their time in helping the Team Strong Heart mission in 2010 Race Across America.

Sandy Roman (MN) - crew chief
Michelle Pearl (CO) -- crew chief
Minghong (Sally) Wang (NH)
Doug Donelson (CO)
Emerald Simmons (CO)
David Detmar (TX)
Tim Sandy (CA)
Dennis Richardson (CA)
Jacquelyn Torborg (MN)
Richard (Dick) Roman (MN)
Dale Nordick (MN)
Susan Just (MN)
Dave Waltz (MN)
Qiuwen (Janet) He (NH)
Jay Thompson (MN)

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Anonymous said...

Team Strong Heart/Amy Xu

Whilst i was living in Twin Cities for 15 years i never got to meet any of you, alas.

I have been a solid customer of Trailhead Cycle and Fitness and love the store. I may have attended some spin classes with you all at Lifetime Fitness??

I am an ultra distance cyclist and veteran of over 10 Bicycle Tours of Colorado and have pondered doing RAW or even RAAM.

Heart Strong is a great cause.

I have been following your progress on the RAAM website - compelling and exciting.

I wish you well and hope to see you on the road. Safe riding and stay well.


Stephen Hughes
Irvine, CA