Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Double Header Headwaters 100 & The Laurentian Divide Challenge MTB and Run Race/Tour

It was a gorgeous early morning, sunny and 50s, the Little Bemidji Lake is calm with fog rising from the lake. Loons are still sleeping. Temperature is warming up, the breeze has woken up the lake by stretching its calm nature. Riders after Headwaters 100 race are pumped up for the double header 2nd day race, the Laurentian Divide Challenge 20k mt. bike race/10k tour. A few thought the Yoga is a way of waking up their bodies in the secluded northern woods, many dove directly into the lodge for a hot breakfast meal.

Well, it turns out that this double header event is not just a race/tour, it is about supporting hundreds of kids who have suffered heart diseases. The race organizer promoted and put up this double header race/tour to raise funds to help these kids by donating all race registration proceeds to a non-profit organization who hosts hundreds of these kids at Camp Odayin for three weeks of each July -- free of charge to the kids.

At 10am, the first Laurentian Divide Challenge race/tour was on its way. These following warriors took on the Challenge after the Headwaters 100, totally impressed many spectators and made this fundraising event a history of its own kind.

The race results for 20k race, 10k tour, 5k run are:
David Hogland 1:06:14
Bernie Kaeferlein 1:06:15
Tim Sproul 1:06:16
John Rotach 1:06:22 (on his road bike)
Neil Eerdmans 1:06:30
Cindy Schlafmann 1:12:15
Andy Williams 1:17:14
Larry Schonhardt 37:11 (10k tour)
Melinda Silbernick 20:32 (5k run)
Jorge Paez 23:11 (5k run)

Bernie and Neil did an excellent presentation on Camp Odayin and mission of TSH involving in RAAM 2007 and TSH Forever in RAAM 2008 and many years to come. Also, Paul Sarver and Carol Ruda also did a super presentation on RAGRABRI 2007. The presentations and bonfire stories generated a lot of supports for TSH Forever RAAM 2008 from LSCs and their families.

Amy Xu
Team Strong Heart, 4-member team
RAAM 2008
612-991-4912 (cell)

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Laurel said...

When people asked me where my husband was last weekend, I said, "He's on retreat!" Looking at the slide show, it's fairly appropo.
What a great group of friends you have in one another. It amazes me that you've all grabbed ahold of Bernie's pet project of Camp Odayin. What a great thing you're all doing for those kids so that they can go to camp! God bless you all!