Thursday, February 22, 2007

Back through the Grinder!

Dr. Halvorsen brought Neil and Bernie back in for a run through the grinder tonight to see how we have fared over our winter base building period. Tim and Greg are up for their repeat testing next Wednesday the 28th.
Testing included:
  • VO2max assessment that measures how our efficiently our bodies run at increasing intensities and how hard they can be pushed.
  • Wingate testing that measures our maximal sprint power output on the bike
  • Upper body Wingate testing that measures the same as above for our upper body
  • Vertical Jump to measure explosive leg power
  • Flexibility
  • Body Fat %
  • Hand-Eye Coordination through a notoriously frustrating pegboard test.
Test results will be finalized and compared with our last round late next week. Dr. Halvorsen will then take our results and construct our next two month training plan that will focus on developing the energy systems specifically involved with the Team RAAM effort.
If you have questions about our Team RAAM preparation, post a comment in the Coaches Corner.
Stay tuned!

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