Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Final Review for 2009 from the people of RAAM

Just in and released from the Race Across AMerica organization...
Team Strong Heart posted in FIRST PLACE.

RAAM 4-Person Male
1st Team Strong Heart (USA) 3021 miles - 6d 10h 30m (19.56mph)
2nd Austria Triathlon Team (AUT) 3021 miles – 6d 15h 07m (18.99mph)
3rd OC Quattro (USA) 3021 miles – 6d 16h 25m (18.83mph)
4th Vencendo Desafios Team Brazil (BRA) 3021 miles – 7d 8h 07m (17.16mph)
5th Team SaveBuzzardsBay.org (USA) 3021 miles – 7d 8h 42m (17.10mph)
6th Berliner (GER) 3021 miles – 7d 10h 23m (16.94mph)
7th Ari’s Angels (USA) 3021 miles – 7d 14h 35m (16.55mph)
8th Equipe Schwarz (GER) 3021 miles – 7d 21h 15m (15.96mph)
9th Drew’s Crew (USA) 3021 miles – 7d 23h 18m (15.79mph)
DNF Team Surfing USA (USA) 1911 miles – TS #32 – 3d 21h 51m (20.37mph)

Despite having all things crazy take place in that week, one thing was the clarifying of where we stood on the record. This sums up all speculation and will aid in resolving our minds and hearts even though we all know what we did on the open road. RAAM sent this email out as a final resolve to the race and I think I speak for all on the team/crew/sponsors and friends (along with the other 4 person teams) that this was what we all needed!

This is big for us, all of us. Enjoy the week and keep ridin'!


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