Friday, March 27, 2009


I was surprised the other day when I was informed of my dad's interest to crew for RAAM this year...well, not really surprised but surprised. To have someone so eager to share in this adventure is exciting. Well, dad came up with mom to our oldest boy's band concert and we had a RAAM strategy meeting and he was glad to take some burdens off of my back. Family - I suppose some can say that family is not all that easy (we have all been there) but when the chips are down / the motive is lost - that's when you are suprised by family when they once again swoop in and hold you close then encourage you forward. That's my dad.

So for those that desire to be part of an adventure that is like no other - come on in and join the group of those that support the chance to give kids dreams they can believe in at Camp Odayin.

Enjoy the weekend all and maybe see you on the road.

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