Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Loon State Cyclists TSH Donation Match Challenge

TSH & LSC Members: John, Melinda, Amy, Jay

Loon State Cyclists graciously offers Donation Match Challenge to Team Strong Heart -- TSH is in the final stages of planning and fundraising as we count down the days to our June 6th departure for Oceanside, CA and the RAAM starting line.

Loon State Cyclists Management Team have generously offered to match dollar-for-dollar (up to $500) any cash donation to support TSH's mission in 2008 RAAM competition. Each $500 of donation will support one kid who has suffered heart disease to be able to participate in Camp Odayin.

With great appreciation, TSH has happily accepted the challenge and has already started reaching out to the public for this final charity fundraising effort.

As members of Loon States Cyclists ourselves, the TSH riders are more than proud that our own team extended this matching funds challenge. We want to thank those LSC members who have participated in our team's earlier fundraising indoor rides and individual donations.

We would like to encourage anyone who is considering donating to Team Strong Heart to take this opportunity to really make your donation count!

For tax records, donations to Team Strong Heart are to be made to SILENT SPORTS FOUNDATION, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and cash donations to Silent Sports Foundation are 100% tax deductible. The checks should be mailed to:

Silent Sports Foundation
P.O. Box 2827
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Online donations are also available. Online donations can be made with a credit or debit card by clicking the "Donate" button located on the Team Strong Heart web site.

Thanks for your support!

Team Strong Heart Forever
2008 RAAM Four-person Team
Amy, Melinda, John, & Jay