Saturday, March 22, 2008

Race Across America - RAAM & the TSH Mission

If ever there was the quintessential definition of the word epic, the Race Across America would come dang close. Simply put, RAAM is a beast. The statistics and logistics for this race almost escape comprehension. The object is to literally race across the United States of America, coast-to-coast, non-stop, over 3000 miles!

This June, Team Strong Heart in its quest to fulfill its pledge to Camp Odayin is going to take on this beast and do it in honor of the kids at Camp Odayin. It is the Team Strong Heart mission and pledge to raise awareness for Camp Odayin and donate funding to support services for the campers.

The kids that use the Camp Odayin services are extraordinary, each of them has experienced heart disease in some form. Camp Odayin is extraordinary as well. Outside of a $25 registration fee, camp services are provided at no cost to the families of these children. At Camp Odayin the motto is: Kids play, worries rest, fun happens. Team Strong Heart wholeheartedly supports Camp Odayin.

For the 2008 RAAM race Team Strong Heart will be represented by two squads. Tim Case, returning member of the 2007 four-man team will compete as a soloist. As if RAAM were not beastly enough, Tim is going to take on this Goliath on his own! Tim will rely on his racing background and his previous RAAM experience when he takes on this massive task. You can support Tim and follow his preparations by clicking here.

The second squad is a four-person mixed team made up of RAAM newcomers Amy Xu, Melinda Silbernick, John Rotach, and Jay Thompson. Each of these cyclists have years of riding and racing experience and hope to combine these experiences to work as a team to take on RAAM.

Each team will be challenged by a week or more of non-stop riding. Together with their crews they will traverse 13 states and make their way from the start at Oceanside, California to the finish in Annapolis, Maryland. Along the way each squad will have to acclimate to non-stop travel as they try to work, eat, rest, recover, and RACE!

We hope that you will find Team Strong Heart interesting and inspiring enough to continue following our preparations and progress as the 2008 RAAM race approaches.

It is out goal to gain your support as we work toward accomplishing our mission for Camp Odayin. Please check back often to read updates and hear news about Team Strong Heart.

Thank you for visiting!

Team Strong Heart
Tim Case - Team Strong Heart Soloist
Amy, Melinda, John, & Jay - TSH Four-person mixed Team