Monday, October 15, 2007

Jay Thompson signs on to Team Strong Heart Forever 4 person team!

Welcome Jay! You are a tremendous asset to the team! Many of you already know Jay as the friendly force behind the cycling group at Trailhead and as a monster in the pack...but never lets anyone drop off the back and ride alone. He is a "Strong Heart"!

Here's Jay's Bio...

Name: Jay Thompson, age: 44 (45 by the RAAM start date)

My wife Mary and I live in Maple Grove, MN with our three children: Katie 14, Jenna 12, and Luke 10.

Occupation: Sr. Engineering Technician - Three Rivers Park District

What got you started in athletic endurance events and what attracts you to RAAM?

In the mid 80's the phenomenon of the mountain bike first got me into cycling, at the same time Greg LeMonde's success in Europe and his victories at the Tour de France peaked my interest in the sport, I have been hooked ever since. In 1992 I joined a local racing team, the Loon State Cyclists. My involvement as a racer has been limited, and I more accurately describe myself as a club rider. I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of riding and training with such a dedicated group. After years of riding with the Loon State Cyclists I feel I have developed the skills required to be a valuable member of Team Strong Heart Forever.

Why are you interested in raising funds and awareness for Camp Odayin?

The dedication and commitment of the founding Team Strong Heart members was very inspirational. For Bernie Kaeferlein to spawn the idea and make it a reality was truly awesome. To have the opportunity to carry Bernie's vision forward and to accept this challenge with such great friends & teammates as Amy, Melinda, and John is a privilege. Go Team Strong Heart Forever!

Favorite quote or words to live by:

Faith, Forgiveness, Loving kindness, Compassion. It is that simple.


Anonymous said...

The Duke!!

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Where are the new pictures of the team?


B Train said...

Crack the whip Double E! I got busy yesterday but I'll post today.

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